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  1. speedfreak1984

    Computer Wont Start

    thanx guys al give it a try tomorow
  2. speedfreak1984

    Computer Wont Start

    oki koki here is what happens i had an old 230w power supply bought a new 550w one and now the problem happens but i have tried switchin back to my old one but the same things still happens? anything else you need to know?
  3. speedfreak1984

    Computer Wont Start

    when i turn my computer off and try to turn it on agen it wont start i have to unplug all the leads at the back and then put them back in again for the computer to come on any help please its really annoying
  4. speedfreak1984

    What Types Of Connections Are There

    you also have to make sure that ur mobo can run with just one SATA drive because some mobs need you to have two SATA drives installed
  5. speedfreak1984

    Sata Drive

    i have just bought a new SATA maxtor 80 gig for
  6. speedfreak1984

    Sata Hardrive

    i have just bought a new 80 gig maxtor SATA hardrive and i was wondering if anyone can help me cuz i dont know if i have set it up right my comp seems slower than before and then i only had a 20 gig 5400rpm ide drive at the mo i have set it up on its own and i boot from the scsi option