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  1. thank you i will try those setting asap i get back home...
  2. overclock my 960 to 4,2 ghz

  3. but can you guys find out a stabile 4,2 ghz with not soo high vcore voltage etc. cuz i know i m a bit noob to get a stabile oc. thanks guys
  4. its a silver power 620 w, atleast thats what it says on the power supply unit i tested each ram stick one by one, in slot 1 and ran memtest86. i also ran memtest, after i found out which one cause bsod crash, with remaining 3 stick at the same time and memtest found no errors... i recently downclocked the system by resetting cmos and running stock voltage etc with just x25/155/3,875Ghz and rest of it is at stock.. running prime atm.. before resetting cmos i tried: 9-9-9-24 ram timing at 1600 mhz 1,5v vcore 1,45000v qpi/vtt 1,415v cpu pll 1,880v no mess with pci-e - all set auto intel turbo boost deactivated load line cal... enabled x21/[email protected],2ghz prime 95 for 15-20 min was no bsod so far ------------- the reason i downclocked was to prevent damage to cpu due high voltages and avoid to void warranty bcos of over volting the cpu, And one more reason - electricy bill
  5. hi guys, i m new to this forum but i found out that you guys could help me out <3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my rig is: gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R intel i7-960 corsair vengeance 12 gb (3x4gb) 1600 mhz (9-9-9-24, 1.5v) dont remember manufacturer but 620W PSU XFX Radeon HD 6870 1gb DUAL-FAN DDR5 PCI-E WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64-BIT CORSAIR H100 WATER COOLING i want to do 4,2 ghz and i hope u guys can help me out. i have done loots of research with uncle google and recently found a topic within this forum, but unfortunately it didn't work at all cuz it was settings for a ASUS board and not an 960 but a 950. anyways here is the link to the topic at the very start when i had 4x ram (4x4gb) i continiously got bsod and suddenly yesterday i run memtest and found out that one of those has aprox 75k errors so i decided to drop it.... but now, whatever i try, the system doesnt pass thru prime95 and gets bsod over and over again sry for my bad english will post updates if i get somewhat a stabile system.... btw. i m worried about to get too high temps as i now test vcore at 1,4500 and qpi/vtt at somewhere1,4 if i remember right? thnx for reply
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