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  1. How is everyone liking it? I have to say, I got addicted to it for a night and played for like 6 hours straight. Definitely a solid game IMO.
  2. LurkingLabRat

    Halo 4

    As a very huge Halo fan, I had to comment on this. I couldn't agree with you more, HOWEVER, before I just go on record by saying that I completely agree, I want to throw a few points in the mix. Halo 1: This was a very huge step on Xbox, really the first huge name game on Xbox and it was a brand new idea with a brand new story that we had not seen before. Those elements made Halo's campaign phenomenal because it was all brand new, not to mention the cinematic cut scenes and story was very well written and produced. Also the maps for the MP are considered classics, but they were just very well done with many different ways to gain advantages when playing with friends, etc. Halo 2: Now before I get to talking about the MP, which I agree, was by far the best of all the Halo games, this includes ODST and Reach, let me say a few things about the campaign. If you were as big of a Halo nut like I was when this game was coming out (I literally left high school early on the day it came out so I could play all night) you will remember that when it was released, Bungie was ALREADY talking about Halo 3 and how Halo 2 would just be a linking game with the story and there would be another game to wrap up questions, plots, and other things of that nature. Now most players, with the knowledge that they would not be done with the series were already looking towards Halo 3 with much anticipation. They hadn't even finished Halo 2 and were already wondering about Halo 3. This was something that I was guilty of as well. I believe that the Devs were probably working on how to wrap things up rather than how to connect ideas as well, which caused Halo 2 to suffer in terms of Campaign. They also may have used most of their budget to create the amazing experience that is Halo 2's MP. But looking at the campaign for what it is, it still is very good. It still may be weak as compared to the others, but they wanted to leave people wanting more and with questions. The introductions of the Prophets was something that caught me off guard, but nonetheless, it was something that was unknown to most of the Halo Nation, unless you read the books, did research on the idea, etc. But by having Master Chief pursue and kill 2 of the 3, while riding off into Halo 3 on the final Prophet's ship was Bungie's way of playing the old cliffhanger card to it's fans. I honestly thought that the 2nd games campaign was good at leaving you guessing and wanting to beat the next mission to find more information on the Forerunners, The Convenant, and the Halo rings. Not to mention they added the dimension of playing as the Arbiter, which they should have kept in Halo 3, IMO. I think it got a bad wrap, as most sequels do, because the first one was so solid and there was not to be any "resolution" occurring in game. Halo 2 MP was amazing, no further comment needed Now Halo 3: Halo 3 I think was the cross breeding of Halo and Halo 2. The MP was very good, though it was a step back from Halo 2, it still provided enough new game variants and maps to cause for hours of mindless destruction and killing for its players. The campaign was also very good as you got a lot of questions answered and more attributes to the game were added (vehicles, weapons, enemies, etc) to make the whole experience more fun. This also called for new strategies to be made by players, who had to discover new weaknesses of enemies. Overall, I did enjoy the story of Halo 3 and loved how they set up the ending for more Halo to come. The idea that Master Chief is out there floating around and will be back for more, though most considered him dead, makes for, and excuse my language, one bitchin' game title in Halo 4. I am pumped and cannot wait to see what all they do for this title, already excited for Forerunner Weapons!!! Halo ODST and Reach, I don't consider to be part of the Halo - Halo 3 series, though both are really good games honestly. Halo Reach answered a ton of questions that, if you pay attention to the in game conversations in the main 3 games, you would have been asking yourself. It also shows the main part of the Spartan Teams and the fall of one of the more experienced teams in the Galaxy. Answered my questions as to why Master Chief was the only one in the main Halo games. The multiplayer for both of these games is basically the same as Halo 3 IMO, however the addition of the Firefight Variant (survival mode) was a very fun was to test players grit, strategy, and teamwork. I spent way too many hours playing Firefight with friends and enjoyed every second of it. Overall, I have played so much Halo it is almost sad. However, I encourage everyone to spend the time playing the main 3 games to be caught up for Halo 4, if you haven't already done so or are considering buying Halo 4. This is a game where you can get lost because you missed an aspect of the story in a previous game. I found myself, at times, making connections between games that I had missed in prior play throughs because I had forgotten details or conversations in prior games, etc. CAN'T WAIT FOR HALO 4!!!
  3. Based on what I was reading last night, the creator, Dean Hall, said that their main aim was to fix all the bugs and eliminate all the hacking that goes on with the mod. Obviously they won't be able to change much on the mod, since it is just that, however the standalone game won't allow that sort of thing, or so I read/heard. What I will be excited for is their idea of allowing people to dig out caves and put down concrete, build structures, etc. If they can accomplish that, then it will transform the game into more of a team and alliance game, while promoting warfare between clans or tribes of players. I think it would be awesome have that element, because most of the time when you run into people on DayZ, you basically are running away or shooting at them to protect yourself. More communication will have to happen between single players and groups that are playing together to recruit to keep strength in numbers. I will be excited to see how and if they will be able to accomplish all of this in the standalone. I love playing the Mod for now and do so every now and again. Hope the standalone improves on what I already think is a very good game idea.
  4. It does crack me up how much he compared it to other games that are of the same FPS genre. I kept waiting for the original Doom and Wolfenstein to get a shout of from him since they are also FPS. I'm no critic or review writer, nor do I claim to be, but what was he trying to prove. I feel like he could of said, "Hey guys. I played Borderlands 2. I didn't like it as much as Halo or Call of Duty. So if you ask me, I wouldn't buy it." That would have saved a ton of people the 10 minutes or so of reading, since he obviously didn't understand what was mentioned by someone above, that the point of this game is not what COD or Halo or Medal of Honor are aiming to accomplish. On a more personal note, I found myself hating the writer more and more as I read on. I love Borderlands and was extremely excited for Borderlands 2. Hoping that the ending of this one will be better than the previous, but overall I am still excited by each stage of the 2nd game so far. It's a blast to play this with friends.
  5. This may have been said before, but I love how they have set up the game and fixed little "kinks" in the game. For instance, being able to access multiple missions and picking up ammo for others at one time is soooo nice. Not to mention I think that Co-Op online runs a bit smoother in this as well. Party up! Let's Shoot and Loot.
  6. Watching NFL on Direct TV today. Redzone Channel and NFL Sunday ticket make the NFL worth watching even more so. Cherry Coke, Pizza Rolls, and my couch. Life. Is. Good. DA BEARS!
  7. Bought Logitech G35s and I love them. Amazing sound in all games and music. I almost have to use them for all my audio since the speakers I have, I "inherited" from a family member. These speakers are god awful and are probably about ready to blow or short out. Older than sin. If anyone knows of a really good set of speakers that they would recommend, PLEASE HELP. I don't always like wearing the headset, though I do love and recommend it if you are looking for a good set.
  8. I also went topless today and played way too much Battlefield 3 while watching College Football. I was completely worthless today...and it was everything that I thought it could be!!
  9. Has anyone played Darkness or Darkness II? The videos of it look really good, but I can't decide if it's worth the money to get...Not to mention I have about 60 games that I have purchased and not finished yet.. Help me out if you have played it or own it.
  10. CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 GPU: AMD HD6870 HDD: 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1600 PSU: Corsair TX750 Case: Coolermaster Storm Scout Motherboard: MSI 870S-G46 Monitor: Acer 22" LCD Cooling: Stock Mouse: Microsoft Sidewinder Keyboard: Microsoft (Basic) Headset: Logitech G-35 Audio: Altec Lansing...Can't find a model number. Old, Hand-me-down speakers. Had to be made back in the 90s. (No Joke) Courtesy of _TheAlexO (built it for me) Country: USA
  11. Anyone hear anything about this? I've been watching videos of this lately and am ready to try it out...any news?
  12. Thank everyone. Office is up and running. Now if I could only get motivated to write my Syllabus.....
  13. Not sure on that one, will have to try. In any case I have a friend who has Office 2010 files and a key for me to use if nothing else. Thanks!
  14. Like I've mention before, I am a teacher and use Microsoft Office to create lesson plans, slide shows, etc. I have Office on my Laptop that I take to and from school, but wouldn't mind having it on my PC at home too. Because I am a teacher, I make very little money sadly, so buying it at retail price for my PC is not in my budget right now. Anyone who can help me here by helping me get a Key for the programs or knows any way to get it / find it would be very appreciated. Reply here or PM me. And thanks in advance!
  15. I'm glad others found out what was going on. This whole weekend I've felt bad about not being able to play it or figure out how to get in the beta. Good to know that it's not my or our fault on this one. Has anyone heard any news on when the beta weekend should be?
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