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  1. PC2700 has always been the ideal for me with older systems, seems to work with the majority of configurations
  2. From my experience Xeons are locked multipliers thus they can only be overclocked by increasing the FSB frequency.
  3. As previously noted, the 2 year warranty is through Sapphire not Amazon. To RMA your card you must contact Sapphire themselves.
  4. Still a lot of games up for grabs guys!
  5. Have you checked the power options in control panel? Even though it isn't a laptop it's worth checking. I usually create a custom config on each format with no power saving/sleep.
  6. I like Steam, I've had no problems with Origin (I seem to get faster downloads with Origin too), but I hate uPlay. EA and Origin I can tolerate, but I haven't bothered to even install Far Cry 3 on my latest install because I hate the piece of software that is uPlay. I think of Origin to be a highly cultivated store with big-money AAA and the like titles, and Steam is more of a social store with indie games too, as well as some AAA titles. UPlay is just too much crapware to live with for one decent game.
  7. DDR6? Very speed. Much surprise. Such wow.
  8. Just a note; usually upload speeds are significantly slower than download speeds (unless you have a 20-20 connection with your ISP), so even if you get 20MBPS download (which for reference equates to about 2.5MB/s) your upload speed is unlikely to be higher than 2-3MBPS in my experience (250-330KB/s), so uploads to YouTube, by definition, will take a while.
  9. I seem to remember there being a problem with some video drivers while upgrading, so it's probably best to uninstall these drivers before trying again.
  10. Has the BIOS been kept up to date? Sometimes that can cause issues...
  11. I second Waco's above post, but it's important to forget it could just be coincidence. Or maybe if the computers were in the same batch maybe a dodgy batch of components?
  12. I'm following you ALL! Now if that isn't creepy tell me what is.
  13. I'll find and add mine tomorrow - good thread
  14. EuroFight

    Mincraft x.0

    Tekkit keeps me at Minecraft...haven't had nothing to do...
  15. Ah now this is where it gets complicated, contrary to popular belief, potato cameras are different to potatoes themselves in that they produce current based on the volume of photons that hit the camera portion of the potato itself. It can be roughly calculated by the equation 1/2*?*r*1.25*2k, where r is the radius of the potato at the thinnest point and k is the photon absorption constant of the variety of potato. In older potato cameras, where only a small section of the potato is, in fact, responsible for collecting photons, the equation must be multiplied by 1/2 of the angle subtended at the core of the potato measured in radians. Consequently, potato cameras provide a varying DC voltage (albeit at a higher voltage potential) as opposed to potatoes themselves.
  16. Copper electrode will be positive, zinc is negative. So, twould be necessary to leave the electrodes in and swap the connections to the electrode back and forth. I personally have found success using a peanut butter based lubricant to enable faster electrode switching, as well as helping to keep temps down when aiming for a baked instead of a jacket OC which requires a higher voltage than the OP suggests (I have found success at around 2.925-3.125V, however this value varies based on variety of potato, king edwards, for example, require significantly higher voltage than others)...
  17. Still a load of great games up for grabs guys, including Fallout 3, Command and Conquer, Warhammer 40k, Portal and many others Actually not Fallout anymore can I nick that Andrew?
  18. People who PM'ed me before (as I requested) who contributed can...
  19. If anyone sees any discrepencies feel free to correct them yourselves...
  20. If Adobe CS software is being used, I'd recommend using NVIDIA GPUs as GPU accelerated rendering has been around for NVIDIA GPUs much longer than it has for AMD GPUs...
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