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  1. Or if Waco really wants to save cash...
  2. Wheres the enthusiasm guys? I think this could be good
  3. Make sure you read through this before making a decision, a number of these games do not have the server files available.
  4. Where abouts are you based? The reason I ask is shipping to the UK is usually very expensive...
  5. Not fast enough...although is that not always the answer? Pay for 30MBPS - Get about 31 down 2 up
  6. You forgot a letter there Euro...unless they spell Cookies different there in London. ROFL. COOKES? lol good point...
  7. Cooking Obscure Ordinary Koolaid Every Second Exams
  8. Been following this thread and thanks for keeping us updated. Glad it's all resolved.
  9. Whoa...and I think my girlfriends dad is picky Second bit I get though
  10. I really don't like Facebook as a company. I have no clue what they are trying to do (presumably to try to expand their market) but somehow I can't see Facebook gamers shelling out hundreds of dollars to play FarmVille or Candy Crush in 3D
  11. Better than desktop or is it? Sent from desktop browser
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