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  1. Is a member of the hex-core master race
  2. I'm in Really need a decent cooler think my CPU is dying
  3. Dave is having a coffee #toohot #lovelycoffee #occbosscup #picoftheday #dave #toocool
  4. Well...It can be used as a weapon Would not recommend it
  5. I should think changing the environment variable for %appdata% would work...
  6. I would be very careful using a HVAC system, they often have mechanisms for controlling fire, smoke etc. so if these are blocked and unable to deploy, there could be a safety implication if cabling is prevents the mechanism from closing. If there are sockets would it not be possible to use the electrical supply to provide a connection, it may be a little expensive but it would possibly be the simplest and easiest way to do it. http://www.allaboutadapters.com/hispetovacpo.html
  7. Could you explain how this works, I would have assumed that Microsoft has ceased development of patches?
  8. ...it lives!!! Thank you for all your help guys, as well as IVI's guide which I found very useful.
  9. She's in the oven now, on the 9 and a half minute leg...prayers are being uttered and fire extinguishers are at the ready...
  10. Thanks for your reply, I haven't checked those videos out, I don't know if you have any links? I'll probably do the bake later today, maybe in about half an hour or so
  11. I have finally taken the DV9000 to pieces with the blank display problem and am ready to bake it (I have read a lot about baking DV9000s with GPU issues). Just to ask before I do bake (based on @IVIYTH0S ' previous experiences) is there anything I should remove from the motherboard aside from the battery and the black adhesive stickers (e.g. CPU, any of the plastic sockets etc.)? Pictures in case you see something I didn't: Cheers, Euro
  12. "Hobbles along" and "fine" aren't exactly what I'd consider as the best descriptors for an SSD. For an SSD that is; compared to a mechanical hard drive it's like going from carrier pidgeon to fiber
  13. I generally just have one intake and exhaust fan that are just on a 5-pin molex. It makes sure there is some airflow and the fans are non PWM. The rest (CPU fan, other case fans etc.) on PWM headers to keep noise down.
  14. Aye, I have an '09 SSD in my laptop and it hobbles along fine...
  15. Yup. That airport is insanely large and super confusing the first time. I got it the second time on the way back...haha Beating you all, I live on the Heathrow approach/departure flightpath so your plane probably woke me up...haha
  16. Really weird that would happen -- it seems like a waste to spend so long on this site just to scam someone out of $35 and it's unlikely anyone will buy anything from him again in that case. I suppose you could contact PayPal to inform them of the issue see if there is anything they can do?
  17. That's the idea -- I shall take inspiration from your threads I ordered one off eBay today -- I was just wondering if any of the adapters I already had would work. I decided not to risk the 12V one which was closest to the requirements.
  18. As it happens the one I have purportedly has a 'Dead VGA', which I'm assuming means the GeForce 7600 is in for a baking
  19. I have found an old HP Pavilliom DV9000 but not the charger. The stated specifications are 18.5V 3.5A or 19V 4.74A. The closest transformer I can find is 12V 1.6A. How much closer would I need to get in order to check if the laptop powers on?
  20. Hey we aren't that far behind! Guess he'll be bummin' yoursIf he's anywhere near Twickenham he's more than welcome to bum on mine nope nope nope nope...
  21. Hey we aren't that far behind!
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