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  1. Casually broke the National Physical Laboratory's scales, put it back like it was. I don't think anyone noticed...

  2. Seriously, you need to stop changing your name so often, you're making my brain go funny o.O

  3. True, I've found searching for phrases in the thread works better than searching for thread titles though - you could probably mention it in the 'Site help and feedback' section if you wanted :)

  4. There be heresy in your signature... ;)

  5. I'm from Twickenham to be exact

  6. I hope so master Onion/l33t. I will train...and train...and train


  7. Okay you win this time lol :)

  8. If I'm not mistaken I'm currently winning with 4.79 posts per day, while you're lagging behind with just 4.72 lol :P

  9. Just hit 3 posts per day...I think I'm addicted o.O

  10. Dammit! I was meaning to ask when there was gonna by a beta...knew I forgot something...

  11. Yeah I played Crysis 3, not Warface though...Crysis 3 was good...graphics were pretty outstanding...

    Oh, and I also played MW3 on 3xGTX 680s :D

  12. Batten down the hatches - I'm getting fiber optics

  13. My new avatar actually looks like me...kinda

  14. Yeah next weekend should be fine; feel free to send me a PM when you have time, I'll probably be online considering my lack of any percievable social life ;)

  15. Minecraft would be great :D

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