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  1. This is actually something so beautiful I would print it out and mount it on my wall
  2. Usually if you install Windows 10 then Linux, it'll overwrite the Windows MBR with the GRUB bootloader. I quite like the W10 boot menu so I used EasyBCD to add my Linux distro to the W10 boot menu, then overwrote the GRUB MBR. There are tutorials online if you are more interested.
  3. Took a bit of thinking but Halo 2 Mass Effect 2 Batlefield: Bad Company 2 Civilization IV Flight Simulator X
  4. The reason I'd suggest the separate partitions would be should you have to reinstall Windows and hence reinstall the games, you wouldn't need to move your files about, as you could just wipe the games partition. There shouldn't be a significant performance impact either way.
  5. My personal recommendations in that case would probably be; SSD: Partition 1: NTFS Windows Install Partition 2: ext4 Linux Mint (You could add a swap partition for mint too if required) HDD: Partition 1: NTFS Windows Games Partition 2: NTFS Files Partition 3: ext4 Linux Games The reason for this is often modern games can be up to 50GB or so installed, and assuming you split the SSD in half, that'd be Windows + 4 games on the SSD to fill it to capacity. Windows also performs a lot better with free space on the drive. Linux on the other hand is much more forgiving. That said, that is purely my recommendation and do with it as you see fit The beauty of modern systems is you can always resize partitions if you find the original layout doesn't work. That said it is better to size them properly first time!
  6. Well my question to you would be how many files do you expect to have? Applications (especially games) tend to be significantly larger in size than documents (save maybe HD movies and large photo libraries), so many would find it difficult to fill 1TB with purely files.
  7. Well well well a couple of months to catch up on Bought then broke an MSI gaming laptop (praise the lord for Amazon refunds) R9 270X And bought my dad a NAS for his business...now to get him to use it!
  8. Ah good to see you back! I too have just returned from an extended period of absence. Good to see the old lot are still about!
  9. Hey all, sorry I've been away for a while for a variety of reasons, but seasons greetings to you all (you Americans and your 'happy holidays'. Here every holiday is happy especially if skiving off work!)
  10. As requested, following return from holiday in Florida I include the instructions for making your own mount. Please note this is not a free license, each use of this requires a royalty to be paid to me of one complete wire clothes hanger. For licenses over 10,000 items, price is reduced to 3/4 a hanger per use. And before you ask, it took too long.
  11. EuroFight


  12. A bit late but an i5 2320 and a GA-Z68AP-D3. And soon to join will be a Radeon R9 270
  13. When I next take my cooler off I will update this thread
  14. Well my patented retention mechanism appears to be working fine for now, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Loving the extra 0.3 it's giving me on my Windows Experience Index scores Annoying about not being able to use the extra sticks of RAM, but hey I'm not sure I need much more than 8GB anyway...except for my e-peen of course (playing Rust has recently shortened it significantly). Not sure how old the board is so would they accept an RMA?
  15. Somehow I managed to bend a coathanger such that it pressed down on the side of the CPU. I didn't know how much force to apply, so I applied a fair bit. Somehow it seemed to like it, so I now have a fully operable Intel rig for the first time in my life Only thing is it runs fine with 2x4GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance (in a single channel), but when adding the other two it gets stuck in a boot loop where the fans power up, lights come on etc. for 4 seconds, then the whole system powers off again and cycles. Any ideas?
  16. So, a while ago I purchased a Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 motherboard with a i5 2320 processor, to see how life was in an Intel camp. I installed the processor, heatsink etc. and it didn't work. This was just before exams, so I put it in a drawer and hid it away until I had more time. Now exams are over, I have done a little more research and have realised there is a loading cover that is supposed to be on the processor?!? (I know, what heresy is this?!?) So I have an issue. I have a motherboard with no loading cover. Does anyone know any way to bodge it to test if it works or will I have to buy a new cover? (Motherboard?) Cheers Euro
  17. Shaver blades (be careful not to injure yourself too seriously)? Wet/dry fabric? (theoretically, although it would conduct water, the fabric should retain some of the moisture and hence provide a medium through which the heat is conductive? Plus the SHC of water is massively high; 4200J kg-1 K-1 so it could work...)
  18. Been sweating WoT for a while; now have a T32 purchased and T28 and KV-4 researched...
  19. So I get back on OCC. And this is what I find. How many times now? Depends what kind of crashes we're talking about and if we're talking about dropping the bike as well. I ride on dirt daily and go fuck around with friends on trails so I fall pretty often. I've only really gotten hurt two or three times and only one was serious. 'Only'. How is Mrs Onion by the way? </derail> I had my last driving lesson before my test...fingers crossed...
  20. So I get back on OCC. And this is what I find. How many times now?
  21. Haven't had much company time to 'waste' this year so sorry for not rearing my head every so often. Fear not however, I am still a regular lurker Hope Bosco gets better soon. Sad to hear
  22. Usually whenever Bosco gets time to ship them, unless they are being drop shipped kicked from Thermaltake. They just come when they come. Just be Patient. If my experiences with American mail couriers is anything to go by
  23. I'd check the sockets on that MB/CPU combi, if I remember correctly the i7 3770K is 1155 and the Z97 boards are 1150 for Intel Core 4XXX? I think for the resolution you will be gaming at with as you say 'eyecandy turned up' you'll want to go with something much more powerful than a 770. Maybe AMD R9 290X or GTX780Ti if you are that adverse to CrossFire/SLI. That's my 5
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