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  1. Sorry to ask this, but i just want to be sure. Are you seriously comparing a single ear VOIP Headset to dual-channel (and above) Positional headsets for gaming? (I'm not saying that cheaper/less popular headsets arnt worth it.....but you really can't play games with only 1 ear surely?) I really hope you don't use that headset for gaming mate Skype - sure. Gaming - no xD I have a bit of input... I used a Roccat Kave 5.1 for about a year, until i STUPIDLY wheeled over the wire with my chair and it pulled....the cabled broke right near the earcup so it wasn't even fixable Fantastic Headset, Brilliant Quality (Although, comfort leaves a little to be desired sometimes as the set can dig in at the top of your head...) It died recently after surgery *Cough* Insulating Tape *Cough*... I bought the Creative Fatal1ty headset and i am super impressed. For half the price of the KAVE as well... You can most definately tell it isn't 5.1 and they arn't really noise cancelling either (The KAVE was) So if you play games in a noisy area i can see it becoming an annoyance. (This matters to some people) I also have an ASUS DG 5.1 with GX enabled. Positional Audio is perfect, Music and movies sound fantastic. If you care alot about the Music you listen to, you can hear all of the ranges almost perfectly and i have yet to make this headset crackle "justifiably" Also, the bass is fantastic.....A decent rumble that could even be enough to make the hairs on your neck stand on end My current overall informal rating i'd say is 9/10 for the Fatal1ty headset - It's a little uncomfortable, but that may change as i wear the headset in a bit more. Good luck
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