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  1. hello everyone i am not super techie when it comes to software/hardware (my knowledge is limited) when i first setup my PC i was able to run multiple games at a time with very little lag. currently playing Lineage 2 (when i have time specs are maxed in the game) and it lags at times with 1 client. it seems to run about the same speed with 1-3 clients at a time (which im confused here, i was hoping to run smooth with 1 client only) so far i have ran some PC clean up (IOBit Malware / Drive booster /advance system care) which did help it from a previous state it was in. my PC specs are: MOBO - Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H CPU - Intel 2500k Power Supply - Corsair AX750 Ram - 2x4GB GSkill Video Card - N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 2GD5/OC Hard Drive - WD 1TB @ 7200 Asus CD/DVD driver Windows 7 home
  2. Im getting temps that very. I have a temp program on and sometimes it shows that the limit goes to 50c. Usually its around 40ish. I have stock fans atm. I may add another in the front and another at the top of my haf 912 U guys think by adding these 2 fans it wshould help in cooling down the cpu?
  3. So you guys think i should reconnect it to the cpu port and look at the temps of the cpu? What temps do i not wanna pass? 60c? Last night i was getting temps At about 40c at idle nothing opened but my browser
  4. UPDATE! i went with something i found online. what i did was unplug the fan from the cpu fan on the motherboard. and connected it to system fan... now its on 100% thats that.. but now im wondering about longterm issues... what do u guys think? for now i at least can keep the computer running.
  5. i cant recall which utilities i installed.. since i just inserted the gigabyte disc and let it run.. i did the "Recommended Settings" soo... im trying to figure this out. in the meantime im keeping prime95 running.... that keeps the cpu fan "on"
  6. is there something im doing wrong? im running a gigabyte z77x ud5h edit: i have the setting set to manual which is suppose to keep the cpu fan running at max speeds 24/7
  7. so the fan only seems to 'fail' when it reaches windows i load it up, while in bios the fan is running as it should. when it reaches login screen, the fan is running as it should (the screen where i have my password to login) after that when windows loads 10 seconds after the full loading, the fan stops. and i have the noise telling me 'fan fail' (fan stopped) ima take out my cpu and put in my stock cpu and see how it handles then. if its fine after that i know it was a faulty cpu/cpu fan?
  8. so i set to enable my MOBO to detect cpu fan fail through a noise. and well it seems it detected it cuz fan stopped and noise started to go offf... ugh.. so i assume it was a bad cpu cooler?
  9. ^ even though its on when programs are running? that is also what i thought "i dont think it should stop.... maybe slow down yes.. but not stop..."
  10. im running prime95 for a test and the cpu cooler fan is on.. so im assuming its on an idle base?
  11. just got done with the build today and it loaded fine (at first the fan was spinning kinda fast) i installed the gigabyte software for my z77 and i guess after that it seems more quiet?
  12. i dont think i am.. maybe through bios it might be setting it to be quiet? if i load like lets say... firefox.. the fan moves a tiny bit, but then stops. if i reboot the pc. the fan stays on throughout the whole loading process.
  13. so my issue. i have a hyper 212 evo and when i boot the comp the fan is spinning. but after windows loads (i leave it plain just in windows mode without doing anything) the cpu fan stops spinning... any reason why this would happen?
  14. Got my 91%alcohol and microfiber towels!
  15. So u guys think i should reapply a fresh coat of thermal compound?
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