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    Corsair 500R
    Corsair cx600 PS
    I5 2380P CPU
    MSI R7950 FROZR iii 3GB GPU
    8gb Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 RAM
    OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb SSD
    Seagate 500Gb HDD
  1. go for a msi 7950 twin frozr 3 oc edition. It beasts anything i throw at it
  2. haha fully agreed. Consoles are the one and only true bottleneck for pc gaming. common question: will my cpu bottleneck my graphics card? Answer: actually the xbox 360 and ps3 will bottleneck your entire pc before your cpu will slow you down.
  3. Ya I was thinking it may be the psu but it only requires a 500 watt and actually draws less power than my 6870 did. That and every other game is just fine And dx 9 works just fine in crysis 2. I guess when you try and overhaul a game later it just gets implemented terrribly lol
  4. my new 7950 is awesome

  5. my new 7950 is awesome

  6. I tried 12.7 beta didnt work either. Strangely enough I downloaded blackfires mod 2 and it no longer crashes and that is in dx11. I'm thinking it has to do with the texture pack and not the dx11 because the mod replaces the textures with different high res textures. Either way I can now play through this game
  7. Ya I'll try 12.7 and see how it goes might be better it said theresa 6 percent increase in crysis 2 performance don't know if that means a 6 percent less chance of crashing though lol
  8. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues I google it and nothing comes up even benchmarks dont.mention that they had any problems and it's not.like it's my system my rigs a beast lol and the fault module just means that the engine stopped running figured id post it anyways sorry about all the messed up grammar I'm using my phone lol
  9. Ya that's what I heard somewhere it said to up the voltage because card companies don't always have the right voltage for the pc to be handles under such a heavy load but if downclocking didn't work I doubt upping the voltage would either and I don't want to void my warranty stock voltage is 1030 or 1.03v if that'll help for anyone reading this
  10. I recently switched out my 6870 for a msi twin frozr iii 7950 oc edition I also just purchased crysis 2 retail System specs are i5 2380p quad cpu Cx 600 corsair psu 8Gb ripjaws ram When playing crisis 2 and only crysis 2 in dx11 the game crashes to desktop after a few minutes I'm playing on ultra settings and getting above 60 fps always. Dx9 works fine. The fault module is cryengined3d11.dll I have tried down clocking to reference Sting power controls to + 20 percent and reinstalling the game same issues occur. I've also updated drivers to 12.6 Any suggestions to fix this would be nice between work and my comp tia courses I don't have a lot of gaming time and would target not spend out crashing lol
  11. ya when i bought my new ssd I was just going to clone my drive but I did a fresh install instead. Took a few hours, hate reinstalling drivers, but it's worth it in the long run.
  12. I'm in canada but i just bought an OCZ vertex 3 120gb SSD on sale for $109 from $170 and its a beast. just make sure you run it in ahci. My windows 7 boots in about 10 seconds
  13. well its an i7 2700k so thats it theres only one lol prior to those the i7s were numbered as like i7 920... im guessing its just on sale
  14. psu will come with all the power cables your mobo should come with at least 2 sata cables which will have you covered for your first hdd and your disc drive. You may need to buy an additional sata cable for your ssd (mine didnt come with one.) They;re cheap tho
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