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  1. How old of a setup is it? I received everything except the CPU, case, and DDR400 memory for free and dont know much about the stuff at all
  2. I recently built a pc and was wondering if over clocking would be beneficial for me. Also, can someone explain over clocking for me? To my understanding, all it yields is more heat but faster speed? Here's my setup. Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro motherboard Ati radeon X850 pro graphics card AMD athalon 64 3200 754 socket size Pc3200 ddr400 memory 3gb total linksys wireless 2.4ghz network card NetGear 10/100mb/s network card 300 watt power supply with 12v atx 3 hard drives, one sata other two standard 2 CD drives, one with cdr-w All in an apex case. I'd it worth or even possible to OC?
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