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    AMD Phenom II X4 955 @3.2GHz
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    OCZ Agility 3 60GB Solid State Drive (Boot)
  1. Hi all, I have been snooping around for a new case to replace my NZXT H2, which has been an outstanding case but lacking in the cooling department. I have been looking around for cases on clearance from Canada Computers, including the Silverstone Raven 3, which sadly was missing a side panel in the store because it was a floor model (the case was on clearance for $69.99!), Anyways, I found the GELID Darkforce case (basically a CM 690 II clone) running for $59.88 on clearance. I have been reading some reviews which have had mostly good things to say about the case, one caveat being a little less room behind the motherboard tray than my current H2, and the Darkforce feeling a little cheap for its intended price range of $89.99. However, being at the price of $59.99 I think that is irrelevant. The Darkforce has everything I am looking for in a replacement for my H2, a windowed side panel, better cooling options and of course a decent interior to make things pretty. What are your thoughts on this case at the price point? I don't think I will find anything that comes close to this case at this price point of $59.99. Here's the link http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=6_112&item_id=045274
  2. Hahaha that is very true, I can relate to that for sure.
  3. I was recently at Canada Computers and I was looking for a rear exhaust case fan with a high CFM to help my thermaltake frio in pushing air out. I recently threw a Corsair SP120 Performance PWM fan onto the heatsink which moves a ton of air and I was thinking on adding another Corsair AF120 to the rear exhaust. I was at the store with one of the store associates and he was surprised when I picked up a GELID Wing 12 fan off the shelves. The airflow and noise specs on the GELID fan were actually better than the Corsair AF120 which cost $19.99. One thing that really sold me on the GELID fan was the price, it was $8.99 and provided 64.3CFM at 1500 RPM and static pressure of 1.925. Also at 1500 RPM the noise was rated at 25 dBA, compared to the Corsair fan which operated at 30dBA. At that price I should have bought 2 more to replace my Bitfenix Spectre intake fans, and the sales associate was surprised to see such a cheap fan with those specs. However good the GELID fan sounds, you do get outstanding quality with the Corsair fans, I immediately found that out when I opened the SP120. Here is a link to the GELID fan http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_130&item_id=042483 And the link to the Corsair fan I was intending on buying. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_130&item_id=048455
  4. If your PSU is plugged in and installed properly, you can touch your case to discharge static buildup. Yeah I usually use the case to ground when its plugged in.
  5. The name of the thread was suitable to my situation, but not for the forum rules. Oops.
  6. There is a case in this link where a user's card died as a result of the driver, so this may serve as a possibility other than death by static.
  7. This does seem like an explanation to my GTX 560ti dying. Those battlefield 3 shots do look familiar, I was having issues with that game and there is a report of a user's pc failing to POST. http://modcrash.com/nvidia-display-driver-damaging-gpus/#.Udpo9flFnYC
  8. |Amen, I try to make sure to do that before I do work. People I know always joke around and touch my pc when the see that Im working on it and I always remind them they can buy me new parts if they discharge static. They always think Im crazy and paranoid, this serves as a good example. I have been meaning to get an anti static bracelet but they are hard to find anywhere but online. Also, the 7850 came with Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Blood Dragon, which is awesome value! That's at least $100 in games alone.
  9. 1GB HD7850, hmm.were you out of your budget to accommodate 2GB version or is it more of a stop gap option? I didn't feel like pushing the $200 price point like I did with my GTX 560ti, and I won't be gaming at higher resolutions past 1920x1080, also reviews were good for the card and the price was right.
  10. Picked up an XFX 7850 1GB for $150, my pc works now, the lady that worked at the store said the Gigabyte 560ti was an unreliable card, lots of complaints apparently. She was surprised it lasted this long lol
  11. Depending on what the retailers return policy is, I could buy a super cheap video card and use that to test.
  12. I sold my old 4890 so personally I dont have a backup. My video card did not work in my uncles pc today. I could ask my buddy who lives about 20 min away if I could try something at his place. I didnt notice any static the other day while I was working on my CPU. I sent an email to gigabyte for support to see if they know something, and about warranty. I was debating buying a $40 gpu and just using that to test, and then return it after lol
  13. Yeah the card didnt work in my uncles pc, so Im assuming its the card, whats a good 560ti replacement if its out of warranty lol 7850s are well priced now....
  14. Yeah a relative of mine lives not too far from me, I just built him a pc with an AMD APU so Im going to take my video card and try it on his system so I can tell if its the video card
  15. Checked all my connections just now, everything seems fine, video card fans still dont want to move and there is no display...
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