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  1. I lied lol... When I originally posted this I was at a LAN party and didnt have the monitor in front of me so I just searched for a 1366x768 monitor that I figured had similar specs. Anyways the monitor is not an Acer it is an "emachines E181H" thanks for asking though.
  2. So... After looking your post over I reassessed my budget and GPU situation... I myself have always wanted a nvidia gpu (for the G-sync/TXAA/3D/Phys-X/GPU Boost support, GeForce Experience, etc...) but at the time I went with that 280x due to budget constraints. But ive decided I'll probly just sell my 280x used and possibly SLI two of these EVGA GTX 770's... I'm figuring two 4gb cards will support just about any single/multi monitor setup I choose to go with and will hold me over until my next GPU upgrade which is set for late 2016 when the 20nm cards are out. I've also decided to go with a 500gb (840 EVO) SSD, as a second SSD for soley for games, while keeping my current OCZ 240GB SSD as my boot drive and for installing applications. Anyways, this puts me at just under $1,200 but honestly with the money I'll be making pretty soon that is more than managable and wont affect my monitor budget (plus I have the option of getting a G-sync monitor!)... Besides I have a friend who will buy my 280x for about $200-220. But my question is... I know you said just go with a single higher end card but if I SLI two of these 770's which combined cost $780... Wouldnt that be faster/stronger than a single $800 GTX 780Ti or even a $1000 GTX TITAN BLACK? Thanks for the feedback so far!!!
  3. Hmmm... THIS article on tomshardware says otherwise (as far as read/write speeds go) unless I am not understanding you correctly.
  4. Makes sense... I guess I assumed it was outputting at 1920x1080 because all the scaling on the desktop and text matched what would happen if I up'd the resolution. (It all got a hell of a lot smaller)
  5. I just saw this and found it really interesting... Anyone know what monitors and stand I would need to achieve this? (Regardless of budget)
  6. Care to hear a joke? Well here it goes... "My current PC monitor." -Here's the full story- Anyways I'm looking to move on and upgrade in the next month or two... As for budget, anything under $1000 is do able. Basically I need help getting the most bang for my buck. But I'm open to everything at this point whether it's a multi-moniter setup, one of LG's 21:9 Displays, a single UHD display, etc... I Just want to hear what you guys have found works best, especially for gaming! Right now I'm looking at two EVGA 4GB GTX 770's SLI'd... So I would like to take advantage of "G-sync". Does this mean I should just get something like a 2560x1440 Dell U2412M to hold me over till G-sync monitors really hit the market? Anyways just let me know what you would do! Thanks guys! -H37
  7. Yea I already made the sound card mistake... I SHOULD have invested the money elsewhere but I was an idiot at the time. See that first list is my current build... The second list is upgrades I am looking to make.
  8. At this point I NEED to upgrade my PC's monitor and that will happen in the next 2 months but... For the time being the monitor I'm currently using is quiet laughable. Let's just say that at the time I built my first PC about 3 months ago, I had not fully considered the impact that a half decent monitor or even a lower end monitor would have on my gaming... So I decided to save some cash and just stick with an old 18" Acer moniter very similiar to THIS one, that was leftover from a long ago discarded emachines desktop. Now I'm no idiot, I was'nt planning on settling for gaming in 1366x768 resolution! See... At the time I had an old HP Notebook with a Nvidia 8200m GPU, which when connected the the monitor through the VGA port allowed for resolution up to 1920x1080 on both the acer monitor and notebook display! I basically figured that if a 128bit notebook GPU could handle 1080p (quit well actually) on the acer monitor. Than my R9 280x OC Edition should do the same and/or better w/ absolutely no problem... Well... For whatever reason I was wrong. Dead wrong! Whenever I try to set the resolution to anything past 1366x768 with my R9 280x and the Acer monitor, the screen immediatly goes black and a prompt states that the current resolution is not supported by my monitor... I have tried adjusting the resolution thru windows and thru AMD's Catalyst Control Center. Even with various setting enabled/disabled... (GPU scaling for instance) But nothing seems to work. I should note that I have to use a DVI to VGA adapter with the Acer and my R9 280x, which I believe may be a large part of the problem. All the drivers are up to date on both the GPU and monitor but that doesnt seem to make a difference. So if you have any ideas on how to remedy the situation that would be most helpful... I would even gladly settle for 1600x900 for the time being.
  9. So... in about a month I will have my first salaried job with a generous weekly paycheck and I would like to make a considerable upgrade to my gaming PC! But first I need some input from you guys... So I'm just gonna share the upgrades that I was considering, and let you guys nudge me in the right direction. As far as budget goes, I have next to no debt and minimal living expenses which means, I should be able to swing $700-900 for this initial upgrade... (Not including a seperate budget for upgrading my monitor) That being said I'd still like the most bang for my buck. Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated! Also... (as mentioned above) I plan on upgrading my monitor... But I have some pretty in depth questions regarding: - AMD's Project "Free Sync" vs Nvidia's "G-Sync"... - Various desktop resolutions... - Multi-monitor setups... - Connection types... - And anything else I can think of... Which is why I plan on posting all that in a seperate thread and I'll add/edit the link HERE, once it is posted... Thanks! Firstly, I suppose I should go over my current build: -------------------- -Mobo: GA-Z79X LGA 1150 -CPU: i5-4670K @ 3.4GHz -GPU: R9 280x Overclocked Edition -RAM: G.SKILL 16GB DDR3 1600 -SSD: OCZ 240GB -HDD: Seagate 500GB (I simply pulled it out of an old laptop for a temporary storage solution.) -PSU: Corsair CX 750w -CD/DVD: Asus 24X DVD Burner -Wireless: Asus PCE-N15 Adapter -Soundcard: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel -------------------- And that is basically what I'm working with at the moment. So... I suppose I will just post the upgrades I'm currently considering based on there priority. -------------------- 1. SSD: OCZ 240GB and Dual SSD Mounting Kit (To match my existing SSD, so I can run them in a RAID-0 configuration for booting my OS and gaming.) 2. Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (So I can finally OC... Also some new thermal paste and I'll of course need some thermal material remover.) 3. GPU: R9 280x Overclocked Edition (Yes, I plan on getting a second R9 280x to run in Crossfire so I can hit my FPS goals while gaming in 1080p or higher.) 4. HDD: 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM (This will replace my 500GB laptop HDD for storing various media, some lesser played games, etc...) 5. Fans: 2x COUGAR Vortex Case Fans (A nice match for my COUGAR Volant case... and should provide adequate cooling.) 6. Disc Drive: Pioneer 16x Blu-Ray Disk Burner (My main goal is to shoot for a Blu-Ray burner that is silent/read and quiet-ish/write... Any reccomendations?) -------------------- This list so far puts me at about $700 which is well within my current budget... If you could just let me know what you guys think. 1. Are my priorities in the right place? 2. Are there any upgrades I overlooked that didnt make the list? 3. And/or are there any alternative brands/models/etc.. For any of the products on this list that I should consider? I would like to sincerely thank you guys for any input I recieve on the subject... The forums here have been an invaluable resource for advice so far... As a matter of fact I owe my current build to user dragonsdontfly... Thanks buddy for helping me build my first rig. Anyways thats all I've got at the moment. -H37
  10. EXACTLY. My general impression is that AMD generally does it first... But then Nvidia comes along and does it right!
  11. At home/LAN party... pretty much wherever im at.
  12. At home/LAN party... pretty much wherever im at.
  13. The 2010ish release MoH and I suppose its sequal MoH: Warfighter.
  14. So basically that pc you just help'd me order all the parts for could host any of these games just fine... and I dont need to build a dedicated server. But would it work almost or just as well if im hosting the server while also playing on the server with the same pc?
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