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  1. Got that for my father...ended up being DOA. Put in my trusty dfi...and it ran like a charm. Ended up having to get a different motherboard.
  2. name 1 thing you need to overclock for...then justify it. If you are overclocking because you need bragging rights on a forum...stop. If you are overclocking because a favorite game or program isn't running like it should...you have grounds to overclock. My old computer was faster in terms of clock speed...but the computer i have runs everything i throw at it, without hesitation. Why bother?
  3. In use already yes....full nuclear power, or close to full nuclear. 90%+ of the countries power running nuclear.
  4. Would nuclear power be feasible in the USA? Looking the concerns for oil, and the countries dependancy on oil...and the way it's literally bringing the country to it's knees. Nuclear power is effecient, and very powerful. Why not change? Arguement in the apartment is contamination. Say some nut case blows it up, and radiation is everywhere. So you got a bunch of sick and dead people. That's never a good thing. I know must of you guys would have a nuclear reactor for a power supply if possible. So lets hear some wholesome discussion. Nothing bad, just stick to the topic. No bad comments, no government bashing of any countries. Time for some off topic topics.
  5. It'll be fine for the expert, but going SLI is not smart when you can get a GTX right now for way less, and the performance increase will hardly be seen. Then down the road, when the GTX's are way cheaper...go SLI.
  6. Indeed, that's just for the subs. I linked wrong product, but non-the-less. I have the adapter to go from the small input of the sound card to RCA. But my understanding is that it's stereo, not stereo surround. If it's possible for that adapter to control 5.1 or 7.1 i'd be all up for hooking up my home theater system.
  7. Here is the problem. I really enjoy great sound quality. Going to be upgrading my house stereo, was thinking about putting my old system with 5.1 onto my computer. The amplifier is this here . Problem is, 2 RCA jacks. I have the sound card to RCA adapter...but will i be running in 5.1 or 7.1...or be stuck with more of a "mono" type system.
  8. The actual fan props are designed to push the air sideways instead of down/up. Finding a more powerful fan that doesn't sound like a jet taking off would be difficult. I'd be all ears in hearing about a more powerful fan to install. Dropping the temperatures even more would be insane.
  9. I was also looking at going to SLI. Reading some reviews, and benchmarks...i don't know if i will at this point in time. Some people swear by it, some people swear at it. Most of the performance increases you'll find comes in the form of AA and AF. Being able to put AA on 4x or 8x instead of off or 2x is more or less what it's doing. Unless you are freaking out about your 3dmark scores, or just need the bragging rights on the forums...i would recommend waiting until the prices drop dramatically until going to SLI.
  10. I've been using the AC's since my 9700 pro...and absolutely love it. The zalman may have the same cooling temps on the GPU, but lowering case temps along with everything else...hard to compete. My radiator is on the top of my case. Heat rises...so getting that heat out of my case is a major deal to me. (pics of case in my sig)
  11. If you are looking for a silent solution, look at passive cooling and less fans. Trying to be silent with 4 92mm fans is very difficult. Depending on how hard you are oc'ing, or how many things you "have" to keep cool, you may look at doing something different. Putting an arctic cooler on your video card - blows the hot air directly out the case. Might need to do some extra "ducting" to get it to totally exit the case. Putting a 92mm fan in the bottom front of the case, and one blowing out the top. - Will get fresh air in and out of the case. Putting a 92mm fan under the PSU ducting air over the CPU heatsink. If you take a look at pretty much any computer "brands" like dell, gateway...etc....they all have ducting over the cpu cooler. Throw the 4th 92 mm fan directly in the window side of the case, blowing air in. This will breath fresh air over everything. If you are looking just for a silent system, you can remove 3 of these 4 fans, and just rely on your powersupply as your exhaust. Putting rubber washers on your fans, under the power supply, around your drives...pretty much anywhere you'll get vibration will cut down on a ton of sound related problems. Most fans aren't the problem, it's the vibrations of everything together that makes the sound. Silent computing isn't new by any means. Watercooling has been around for a while. I can underclock my old XP-m to about 1.4ghz, unplug my fans and everything would be fine. Only thing you can hear is the vibration of the water pump. If i didn't want to hear that i could just build a seperate box with the pump, and radiator(with fans), and throw it in the closet. Right now i'm building a seperate case door to encorporate a house fan. If you take the motor apart and replace a few parts...it's next to inaudible from 2 feet away. Not only that, but it blows a ton of air. For the most part, i have some type of background noise going all the time. The TV, stereo, games. If i was to sleep in the same room as my computer, then i would be a little bit more concerned. But right now i have 5 120mm fans, 2 80mms, and the PSU, and i hardly hear it while in the room..
  12. The chipset is getting a little warm, so i'm thinking about changing it out with a zalman mass of fins cooler. With 5 120mm fans, and 2 80's, not counting the psu....i think i'll have plenty of airflow for it.
  13. enermax indeed. The motherboard was pretty darn tough. The hockey pucks weren't doing to much. We have a gun range in town, so we just took it out there. Nothing like a 12 guage from 10 feet to do the job.
  14. Here ya guys and gals go....little late, but better late than never. Some quick shots of it, and nothing to perty. Still got wires and everything everywhere...but who cares. And just for kicks....this is a motherboard that went bad. So we shot hockey pucks at it...and then just destroyed it with a hockey stick....
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