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    I love my cars, and my computers. If only I had the money to put a computer in my celica.
  1. levathan

    Securing .xml

    Ok guys, bassically I have been looking around and I can not seem to find a answer to my question, how can I implement an auth system for a .xml file? Whats going to happen is We'll be selling .xml files for use by a specific program. What's the best way to make sure these files aren't pirated, but still able to be used by that specific program? Any help would be great :thumbs-up: (im asking for my nub friend, although i guess im nub to for not knowing the awnser )
  2. Thanks for all the help, we took regionals, so were going to state ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ That means i have 2 months to perfect it though, so i gotta start studying up. I also made state in MS network admin ( 2 people go to state, two people took the test )
  3. would the isa server be better, or those firewalls? Lol, well if only you all could be there tommorow :rolleyes:
  4. So use 5 servers (^^^those plus a backup file server), Is there any specific way the ip configuration would have to go to hold this amount of people? I thought dhcp could only do like 255 people. Also, do i put a isa server on every branch, or just at the main? Im trying to get this down good, because not only do i have to present it, there is also a 10 minute time for some judges to question us <_<
  5. sweet, so i need to use vpn to connect the offices. can onenote send the emails to there phones as well? i have to be able to send all emails to there phones and stuffs. Also how many actually servers would i need? I figured one for email/iming one for vpn, one for fileshare, and one for a web adress. it said to use an isa server for added protection, i guess that is just like a router? thanks for the help
  6. I am doing a project for school in which i have to make a plan for a business network. I know a little bit about networking, but this is a bit over the top for me. (im not sure how dumb this is going to sound ) The plan is for a cellular company with 4 offices. with 300,200,100,and 50 users in each location. They need to have a website,email(outlook?),instant messaging(msn i guess) and file share supported by all the offices. They want all the little details on how its gonna go (ip distribution scheme, How to secure it, what type of wide area tecnology to use) I figured that it should be a domain with the 4 seperate servers running nt one for each task. Using outlook exchange server for the emails, which also have to be forwarded to there phones. This is pretty much were i am stuck, i have a few clues about how the switches need to be run, but i was hard pressed to find any details online about business network setups If anyone has any info/diagrams that could help me out i would be very grateful, i hope after this i will be more literate as far as networking goes XP
  7. Have ur mechanic run a compression test or a leakdown test on it to check the engine. If it is a manual tranny give it some gas in first gear and make sure the clutch isnt slipping. I belive they have a 1.5L 5efe. Those cars can actualy be kinda zippy, so i hear. The cars price deperciates alot, so i can see it being that cheap Gl -dave
  8. levathan

    ps3 folding?

    well i figured it would come around sooner or later. But it sony only lets linux use the cell processor and 256mb ram, which dosent seem to be all that quick on ydl. so I wasnt sure if they were gona let it use all of its potential on this. i just got my ps3 so i wasnt looking for this type of info. I did use the search first to make sure nothing was easily found on the forums about it . a 500$ 20 gig ps3 could mean cheaper folding farms, and nice-n-large lan party potential. Surely they will let us enter the team number. -dave
  9. levathan

    ps3 folding?

    http://www.mercurynews.com/lifestyle/ci_5440897 Accoring to this the ps3's cell processor will be able to help out the occ folding community. i wonder how well they will fair against modern rigs. " To participate, a PS3 owner will use the machine's broadband connection to download a "firmware" programming update that installs the [email protected] application, with an icon displayed on what's called the cross media bar. Clicking on the icon, using the PS3 controller, will start the computation for a "work unit," which is one chunk of a folding simulation. The PS3 can run the folding simulation without being online, and the results will be automatically sent to Stanford by merely going online again. When the finished computation for a work unit is transmitted, a new work unit will be downloaded automatically. Sony estimates that the average work unit will take an hour to complete. " -dave
  10. looks to me like a nice moded first generation toyota mr2 -dave edit: ONOZ IV BEEN BEAT
  11. They look fugly on most cars, and most of the ones you see are non-functional <_< . There are some cars on the other hand that look good with em, and serve a good purpose (cooling off that top mounted intercooler) gota love those gt four's -dave
  12. We have the primary video on the pci card. I couldent find anything about igpu any other options?
  13. yea, but he got like 300$ in best buy gift cards, he has nothing else he wants, and I wasn't there when he descided to buy it. I don't think hes worried about the overpriced part, he just wants to be able to play counterstrike and warcraft. -dave
  14. I finally got my friend to upgrade his system a bit, and he put a new 6200 oc in it from best buy. But now when the computer gets to 100% cpu usage it freezes up, the card is a pci card because he didnt want to buy another motherboard. He cant live for long without his warcraft 3 or even videos. HP OF DOOM This is the computer that we gota work with, *sigh*. Video card And yes i know its overpriced, but he had some major gift cards Oh, and we also updated any drivers we could get our hands on, but when we try to update the one for the card, the comp freezes <_< Thanks for any help -dave
  15. Thanks for all the help, is component cables are quality loss from hdmi-dvi conversion? I was reading on the playstation forums that they people were gettin black screens i they tried hdmi-dvi unless that they hdcp. I havent actualy seen that the monitor can do cause im waiting till after the new video cards come out to get one discouted cards for sale now. The screen is just a replacment for my broken tv, I didnt have enought money to buy a new monitor that I wanted, and a new tv so I settled for a large Monitor that I could just buy a new hd tv tuner card for.
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