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  1. Trying to get hold of the Police is like trying to find a Photon in luminescent mist.

  2. I hope the majority of pool fans give Rodgers a chance. They will be back playing the beautiful game soon. As an Evertonian, we do still like to see that. .ing Gooners!

  3. Someone I know suggested a sort of system you allude to. In case though, the system would work by letting cyclists take EPO's at the end of a stage to equalise to others whom take more powerful stuff. It makes sense in a perverse way ofc.
  4. Not bad, but a little confused in whether it is supposed to be low or mid tempo. The remix cleans that up a little, but two thirds in or so sound a little dis-jointed. Imho ofc.
  5. I was lucky enough to have seen all the Tours that Armstrong won via Channel 4 then ITV I think. OK, certain luminaries such as Marco Pantani (R.I.P), decided to succumb to the good ole smarties and such like. The likes of Jan Ulrich also simply did the same due to Armstrong being so strong. I do not think he knowingly took any banned substance. With the Festina Affair I always thought that Armstrong would have been caught out. As a brit fan of Armstrong, I maintain that he was clean. Probably missed a trick with this, but what has an European race got to do with the US doping clowns anyway.
  6. Anybody know of a cheaper Dentists in Brighton or local surrounds that offers an actual payment plan?

  7. The Aliens are coming. Oh wait, Europe has already been evacuated to the world wide immigration centre called Great Britain.

  8. Not sure which came first without Google, but I was going to have a punt on this game. However, I heard that it is just as bad as Legacy. One of the same for boredom?
  9. "Thinking that GTA IV is actually quite addictive"

  10. What's on your mind?

  11. What's on your mind?

  12. What's on your mind?

  13. What's on your mind?

  14. Damn, if only I could convert myself to the actual benefits of running. I know I should etc etc. However, could you please suggest how one forces the issue. IE, how do you motivate the issue of being a lazy runt, into yeah, I'll go for a run?
  15. She has a turnip for a brain. "If you do not know what AMD and Intel are", I thought, beam me out of here please
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