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  1. Ok Here are my specs Case: standard moded ATX case Procesor: Intel core i3 2100 Cooling: Stock Cooler HDD1: 2tb wd caviar blue Drive: Blu ray reader Memory: G.skill ripjaws 4gb Motherboard: asrock z77 extreme6 PSU: Rosewill 750w hive series power supply Video: radeon hd 4870 Screen: 2x dell p1911's Keyboard: wireless Logitech Keyboard Mouse: Wireless Logitech mouse Country: USA
  2. i just painted my case a few weeks ago and this paint works like a dream paint was dry within an hour and doesnt scratch off here is the paint plastikote http://www.plasti-kote.com/
  3. I love then Lanboy and im using it for a hackintosh/windows machine for a friend of mine we are going to go crazy and add all 15 fans lol
  4. Ok Guys ***UPDATE*** Getting a Dremel on Friday Definitely going to make a Devil May Cry Themed Case im pretty sure that i will get it done between now and the DmC: Devil May Cry Reboot Release. Updates on the modding Since the case only had an 80mm exhaust hole cutting a hole for an 120mm fan. Same for the intake.. Found a random hdd cage and rotating it so that the business area is in the back. Painting the inside black cutting a hole on the MoBo Tray for an Afternarket Heatsink Backplate. Color Scheme is going to pretty much be a gothic demon thing so black/red/some blue/some white uploading pics in a lil bit
  5. OMG i saw that board on newegg and i want to use it on an IB build i hope the thermal armor performs well. Do you have that little out take fan installed on the I/O area XD?
  6. I agree nice ram choice Stonerboy XD. Good luck with your build MasterRy
  7. The 3570k Is Also a good processor and good overclocker from what i have seen and read. And Native USB 3.0 support and PCIe 3.0.
  8. If your roomates do not want it please do let me know . Ok so back to your build (from the bottom up) Heatsink fan: since you will not be doing much OCing Honestly the Stock HSF should be enough but if you do plan to OC a little i would recommend a fan favorite The Hyper 212+ it works great . Is there a huge attachment to this AsRock board because I have had about a 40% success rate with AsRock with virtually no support.this is also a good board that is long lasting and a have a friend that has had this board since it has come out (literally the day it hit shelves) Link Below.as for the processor you chose a processor with a locked multiplier but i see why you chose that (a free limited time offer shirt lol) but all in all a good processor.As for the ram corsair vengence is a really good brand im just not 100% i have seen those modules though (just me). MoBo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130645
  9. For water cooling they mean closed everything so you wouldn't have to mess with/worry about messing with any type of liquid although i do agree getting one big vid card over two little ones can help you and then when prices lower you can buy another. For power supplies, look online at the power supply you want to use and look at the buyers reviews since they have first hand experience with the products
  10. First Off What Is your Budget? And if you do plan to build this may i buy your core 2 duo?
  11. I'm Sorry to hear about your power supply I feel your pain that's happened to me before But i also about 3.5-4 months ago bought my rosewill hive series 750w power supply and couldn't be any Happier newegg it I hope your system is ok...
  12. Hey Thanks for The info im pretty experienced with case modding and adding windows. Im actually just suffering from artist block at the moment but the actual idea of a triangle window is really cool thanks And thanks for the reply Stonerboy
  13. Hi Guys So I thought graduation big thing for me but I haven't done anything Cool computer wise so I have some 775 extreme stuff lying around so i thought OMG NEW GAMING RIG so i have parts that i need coming in and I have everything but a case but it just so happens that i have a weird but cool ATX tower with plenty of potential. I will have pics of it tomorrow. But It is a relatively cool case top mounted PSU and the top slides out so the side panels are pulled/slide out of the top. The only problem with this case is that it is that old school beige/pee color and no window. So im thinking of adding a hot swap bay type thing like on the thermaltake dokker series and a window but i want to do more. I need suggestions and what kind of u channel molding to use for the custom window. Like this http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/118/3769/=hmxc5z I was thinking something like style 4,5 or 6. And also what shape the window should be...what do you guys think? and yes both side panels slide up so both can be modded so i need a cool logo for the right side panel behind the Mobo. Any suggestions will be taken into account if you want to see something cool (within reason) add a link to what you are talking about. And you guys now how some laptops have a logo that lights up i was wondering if anyone has any clue of something that i can use to capture that feel like a type of light panel that i could put behind a cutout? and if i like it ill keep it and if I REALLY LIKE IT I will sell it Here are the pics before the Modding
  14. Why would you need such a powerful phone its more of an overkill situation. how do you think the dolphin emulator will work on this? QUAD CORES it just kills my HTPC lol
  15. Forte

    New Build

    As i see it 115 more euros for 1/10 more of a ghz is way too much i would go for a 3570k everything else seems ok this will last you a gud while as for the video card a gtx 570 or 7870 would last you a gud while (i own both now XD) if you are only gonna use your ssd for booting a would get 2 :64gb ssd's one for cache and one for some programs and i am also also a little eerie about a 3tb hdd if you do get one please make sure to get one with a nice warranty best of luck
  16. Forte

    Mac Vs. PC

    Poor kid Probably hasn't even built a custom PC but apparently he has had an Ibook for 8 yrs and He is only like 10 yrs old lol. But lets be serious guys Mac isn't the best OS I like Mac OS,Linux, And Windows but the Reality is when Mac OS came out they wanted to be Geared towards editing and multimedia and not really for anything else. Windows on the other hand Wasn't if you wanted support for all your hardware in a custom built Computer you wouldn't go for Mac OS (unless it was a hackintosh) but Windows (and even linux) were made for people that didn't want to be confined to enclosed spaces. If you wanted a cheap machine that could do gaming what do you think i would get as an OS Linux, Mac OS or Windows? Slow People would only really be dumb if they used only one OS for multiple things this kid only has this opinion because he probably grew up in a home with Mac Computers. But honestly for 2 G's i wouldn't get a Mac id Build my Own Tri-boot system Mac OS,Windows And Linux. So little one grew up more and explore then make another opinion i will still be here waiting on what you say
  17. Z68 MoBo are a little cheaper now are you planning to eventually go for IB? the native USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0 will be very helpful though i loved it and with EUFI Im stating to like these new gen boards.
  18. Forte

    funny videos

    LOL pimp getting beat down by Karate master..
  19. Forte

    Young Justice

    I've caught a couple of episodes and i liked it XD and I agree it needs more advertising.
  20. Try This one love it XD there are a lot of good artist out there right now
  21. No problem guy what are neighbors for :P i used to live in KCMO.

  22. lol just bought out a chuckie cheese for one night for my lil bro. And a 750w rosewill hive series power supply. And 8gb of g.skill ripjaws couldn't be happier
  23. +1 MJCRO lol but I have no idea if you can take it to court i would talk to a lawyer about that.
  24. lol nice looking case hhmmm do you recomend it? how many out of 5 stars?
  25. All hail Paul the PSU overlord lol
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