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  1. Thanks for all the comments ! @nVidia - I'm gonna try it but can there be some other problems? and btw is it better to wrap the grapgicscard with aluminum foil?
  2. @trapt - Its what 90sgamer said. which graphicscard do you recommend? @90sgamer - oke then i think im gonna buy a graphicscard. I will tell you my pc specs: I7 920 ATI radeon HD 4850 6G Ram Asus FX58M Motherboard 2x HDD 1TB + 650 GB 1SSD 120GB
  3. Hello topic readers, I have got some questions about my graphicscard. I got the ATI radeon HD 4850 Graphicscard and I am a battlefield 3 player. But after some weeks of playing battlefield, my monitor shows me the No input signal message after I start battlefield 3. I did some research and i might have a broken graphicscard. But my question is can i fix this problem with the Oven trick? I kinda have the same problem. Sometimes when I boot my pc, I get the Windows logo, and after that my Monitor just goes white and some secs later it goes red white and green ? Does someone know if i should do the Oven trick to solve, or just buy another Graphicscard?
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