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  1. Bosco can you tell me if my newsletter entry went in because I have never gotten a conformation email. Thanks
  2. I signed up for the newsletter but have not gotten the conformation email, but got the other 2 in.... Thank you to the sponsers and OCC for putting this together Good Luck
  3. I put all the stuff on ebay. Mods please remove Thank You
  4. I want to sell my Sapphire HD4870 Vapor-X bought a month ago used for a week and it has been in its box ever since. Has all the original things it came with $120 shipped. Also want to sell a Sapphire HD3650 it's only the card no acc. one of the bolts next the one of the DVI ports broke off but otherwise works good. $30 shipped I have a Powersupply for sale Rosewill 600 watt Performance Series its also a month used for a week have the original box. $40 shipped Htc S621 Windows smartphone unlocked Gsm(sim card) have all acc. box,books etc phone has a small scuff on top corner screen is excellent phone works good. $90 shipped I have never sold anything on OCC but I have bought from several people I have 100% feedback on ebay (kevin87gta) All shipped prices are for the U.S Thank You in advance
  5. I just bought Phils 4670 off there.......
  6. I think I will get the 9600GSO and when she's not playing I will fold..........Thanks
  7. I can't seem to decide between this HD 4670 OR 9600 GSO it will mainly used for my wife to play The Sims. I have looked at the reviews and can't seem to decide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Whenever your ready to sell PM me.
  9. Search google there use to be a list of what 754 motherboards worked with the mobile processors...
  10. Quite possibly the WORST show on TV. Bad acting and possibly the worst stories ever created. When did the Fast and Furious get mixed with Knight Rider???
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