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    corei7 3930k
    ASRock X79 Extreme4 LGA 2011
    AMD 6850
    20 gig CORSAIR Vengeance ram
  1. RampageX0.5

    SSD or not SDD

    really nice will get proper cooling an ssd , 256gb for $200, what do ya'll think
  2. RampageX0.5

    SSD or not SDD

    guess i wont overclock , well (Opening a 25million poly rhino took a few minutes on a 7200rpm drive and about 20seconds on the ssd. Mind you it was a 1gb file.) i think that is good enough for me to get an ssd , so one 240 gig for $180 on tigerdirect.com , the 3930k was brought to its knees this evening but e-on vue , well not totally but it was really having a hard time rendering , adn temps where hitting the hi 60's , any ssd sugestions ..... will be appeciated
  3. RampageX0.5

    SSD or not SDD

    thanks mate , will have to mod the case for the H100 to fit , lets see will take one ( H100 ) and see if it fits
  4. RampageX0.5

    SSD or not SDD

    guess will have to redce ram to 16 gig for all to match , need a new case for the water cooling kit ( commander msi ) not really suited for that, so i guess ssd wont improve render times ,...... any tuts on how to over clock on the asrock extreme 4 ,? and wich temps are ok after overclocking 3930k
  5. RampageX0.5

    SSD or not SDD

    my system specs are : asrock asrock extreme 4 , 3930k stock speeds ( thinking about over clocking ) asetek cooler not too good 20gig corsair vengense / g skill memory , ( mix and match ) 1 tera hitachi sata iii drive ( for os ) 2 TERA seagate for storage amd 6850 powercolor ( kinda heats ) well i use my system for 3d rendering ( 3ds , C4d , after effects ) wanted to know if i should get an SSD , and if SSD will inprove render times in anyway , not really inrested in startup times ,
  6. RampageX0.5


    cables everywhere !!!
  7. RampageX0.5

    Benefits of Push/Pull and cases

    thanks mate going to exactly that , just need to find a quieter fan , lol
  8. RampageX0.5

    Benefits of Push/Pull and cases

    kind of new to water cooling , just got a small water cooling setup for my cpu , want a push pull setup , but dont have enough space in the case , will placing the radiator in contact with the case and placing the fan behind the case cause any problems