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  1. Just a quick update: I ended up trying a different set of G.Skill and went with 16GB of Ripjaws V 3000. The system took these sticks with no problems running with XMP. I'm currently at 4.6ghz and couldn't be happier.
  2. I don't have another system to test the RAM on, however I did make sure XMP was disabled during testing.
  3. Hello, old friends! After a long time away, I've finally bought some nice gear and will get back into O/Cing shortly. Here's a list of what's going into my new system: Asus Z170-AIntel Core i5 6600kGigabyte 1050tiCorsair H60 watercooling (I know, I know - but I like the all-in-one design)Samsung EVO 960 NVMeEVGA 650W Bronze My question is about RAM - I originally bought G.Skill 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 Trident Z. The board should have accepted DDR4 3200 sticks from what I can tell, but for some reason I couldn't get it to POST - I'm using a spare 2133 stick for now, and the system is up and running. I plan to push the i5 to 4.6GHz and want to get 16GB in with decent CAS latency and timing that can handle a little O/Cing. Any recommendations would be appreciated. As always... DTTL!
  4. So long as this site stands, it will always be a home for me. I'm not actively OCing these days, but I think this site is still a valuable place to learn about the ins and outs of PC architecture, system modification, and just enjoying the company of others who appreciate pushing hardware to the limit. Till next time, DTTL
  5. A very happy belated bday, Waco
  6. It's been far too long. Good to see you take charge the way you have, Bosco!
  7. The Corsair Survivor flash drive is easily at the top of my list. I put that thing through more misery than I care to describe, and it still works!
  8. Hello my beloved OCC. How I've missed you Believe it or not, I'm still using the same rig in my signature... I just didn't have the time or money to build something new since my daughter came along. I think the dust has settled a bit, and I may be able to afford some new parts, so I'm looking to OCC, my old haunt, to find the first piece to my new puzzle. If you have an i7 920 that you're looking to get rid of, just reply or PM me. I'm also looking for any relatively modern parts if you are willing to sell them for cheap, or just want to give an old user a hand-me-down. Thankies
  9. Normally I just edit my last post, but this topic needs a serious bump for so grand an announcement. Lefties, southpaws... Lend me your ears- er, eyes. Presenting the Razer DeathAdder - Left Hand edition: http://www2.razerzone.com/lefthandftw Rankiz, our prayers have been answered.
  10. Daniel Suarez - Daemon + Freedom =
  11. I'd say it may be a bad drive, bad memory, or you are very low on disk space. If you're able, you might consider going drastic and try a reformat...
  12. black jack? I'm assuming the joker becomes an ace. That still doesn't explain the water though... hmmmmm....
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