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    Packard Bell<br>AMD 1700+ Overclocked to 2.14Ghz @ 171x12.5(Temp 107F-122F)<br>Biostar M7NCG 400 motherboard (nForce2)<br>2x256MB PC2100 RAM @ 137Mhz (274)<br>Integrated GeForce 4 @ 344Mhz<br>Cooler Master HHC-001 Heat Pipe Heatsink
  1. I'm the same way with memory. I just buy the cheap stuff and hope I get lucky, which I have. I have all my computers memory set at CAS2.0 with a little overclocking on some of them. One of these days I'm going to buy some good RAM. If you decide to try to adjust your multiplier be sure to let us know what happens. Altern
  2. What is your multiplier set at? Are you able to change the multiplier? Heres what my problem is. I was so succesfull at overclocking an Athlon 1700+ that I havn't been paying much attention to whats going on with the newest CPU's. I read something a while back that hinted that a Barton core Athlon had the multiplier locked solid. So I'm wondering if the Sempron is the same way. I have one of my mobo's unlocked with the windshield defogger repair stuff and I'm wondering if that is going to unlock the multiplier on a Sempron. That mobo is an MSI KT4 Ultra. The one I'm using as my main computer is a Biostar M7NCG 400 mobo and I was able to change the multiplier without unlocking anything. If I'm unable to change the multiplier I might as well stick with what I've got. My 1700+ in the Biostar is clocked at 2004 Mhz right now. Altern p.s. The Biostar is a nForce2 chipset and I have 2 256MB sticks of RAM. In case anyone was wondering.
  3. 3.7 Mbps here. How do you go about getting a 30Mbit fiber connection? Altern
  4. Whats the deal with AMD's new Sempron CPU? Has anyone tried to overclock one yet? I read that its based on the thoroughbred core with a 333 fsb. Altern
  5. I have an MSI KT4 Ultra in one of my computers and I really like it. Its easy to overclock and to change voltage settings. I was surprised to see someone saying they don't like their MSI motherboard. Now, the next time I buy an MSI motherboard I'm going to be wondering if I'll get lucky and get another good board or one that limits me. I'd like to hear from more people with experience with MSI boards. Altern
  6. That first pic should be titled "Spawn Of BigRed". LOL
  7. Gmaz, you can click on my name over to the left there and the link will be in my profile.
  8. I vote for the 520 watt PSU and fans.
  9. Please, your upsetting my state of denial about my age. lol I've got to admit, when I was younger I probably would have had strobe lights and stuff in my computer.
  10. I spend as little as possible. I do whatever I can to try to get something for nothing. I guess part of that is because I spread my money between three computers. But there are some things I don't skimp on, like heatsinks and fans. I have decent PSU's but I want to get better ones. I don't spend money on looks. If it doesn't make my computer faster, cooler, or more powerful then I don't want it. If someone gave me cold cathode lights I would put them on my car. lol
  11. I've found that Windows runs much more stabley when the operating system is installed at a STABLE OC that I am planning to keep. If the operating system has problems installing then your OC'ed too much and need to back down.
  12. Ah, I've found my home, Ghetto Mods!! I love them. I hate when people buy something at the store and slap it on their case and call it a mod. I call those addons. My case is all Ghetto. Check out my case in the Case Gallery.
  13. Why not? What can it hurt? Nobody is going to die from it, and if theres problems then clock it down and reinstall Windows again. No biggie. lol
  14. Its funny. When I got my first real computer, a Packard Bell, it was the worst computer on the market. Now, though, the computer and tech support was much more reliable than what the big name computers are these days. I had a problem once and called tech support and the guy led me right to the fix for the problem. The power supply went bad after I had it a few years and I went down to the local computer store and bought one and slapped it in. I put all my high performance computer parts in the old Packard Bell case as a sort of joke but their was nothing wrong with the computer when I took it apart. I still have all the parts in a box and I'm sure they will all work if I got a case and put them all back together. It was a 200Mhz computer with a 3Gb hard drive when it was new. The drive was a Seagate and I'm still using it on one of my computers. I'm also using the PBell CPU fan as an exhaust fan.
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