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  1. I may not be reading your post right but I am still not clear on whether or not you have tried bypassing the router since the problem started. Try doing a continuous ping to your ISP gateway address and see if you get any drops or high response times.
  2. Are you using a router or the AT&T modem/router? If you are using an actual router have you tried bypassing it to make sure it wasn't the cause? I deal with AT&T a lot and their modem/routers are notorious for being flaky and unreliable. Have you contacted AT&T about the issue and asked them for a replacement modem/router? EDIT: btw, telling me your ping times are 40ms to 550ms tells me nothing without knowing what you are pinging when you get those response times. For example if you are doing a continuous ping to google.com and it spikes occasionally to 550ms that is not a surprise, but if you are pinging your ISP's next hop gateway and getting 550ms then there is a connection problem somewhere between your computer and the ISP's gateway (eg. router, modem, line into house, etc).
  3. What do your pings and trace routes look like?
  4. I had nothing to do with it. If I had thought of it first this might be a totally different conversation lol.
  5. When network engineers are snowed in and bored this is the kind of thing that happens. Do a trace route with a hop count of 100 to and enjoy. EDIT: On Windows you can open a command prompt and type "tracert -h 100" without the quotes.
  6. Something of that nature most likely is not handled on a computer by computer basis. It will be handled at the server side via group policy or something similar. There are ways around this sort of thing but we won't be discussing that as it would be a violation of the rules here.
  7. For home consumer use the Asus wireless routers are pretty good for the money.
  8. I agree with what others have said about how crappy Belkin networking products are. Then again it isn't like Linksys is top notch either. All this does is give the worst network equipment company in the world more of the market share. Couldn't agree more. That was a purchase Cisco should have never even thought about. Cisco makes great business/enterprise level equipment. I prefer them over Juniper only because I am more familiar with ios than junos. Other than that quality/feature wise Juniper can hang with Cisco all day long so to speak. At the SMB level though it is hard to beat Mikrotik purely because of their price points.
  9. Nerm

    Test Poll

    It is testing whatever I feel like testing.
  10. Sadly that is the only thing political parties care about. They all use tragedy/wrong doing/whatever as they think it best serves them to get elected/re-elected. Want to see what a psychopath looks like? Look at your closest politician.
  11. This is the best way to do it. Using wireless repeaters and extenders actually hinder network performance as they create a throughput cost of 50% per each repeating of the wireless signal unless you have dual band (radio) devices handling the repeating duties.
  12. I am sorry but setting up a linux box or using dd-wrt is not "geeking-out" in my opinion. Just wanted to get that off my chest. .....For a home user setup WPA2 with a strong randomly generated password is all you really need. Don't bother with MAC filtering it is completely useless as a security mechanism and is no where near network administration friendly.
  13. I agree with BMI being useless because it is. When I was in High School and my early years of college I was an above average athlete with a body fat percentage of only about 5% and yet if you put my height/weight into a BMI calculator it would return overweight every time.
  14. I hear ya! Since my wife had our first child almost 4 years ago I have gained over 60 pounds. I am actually very active and hit the gym often but my problem is my eating habits. It is not so much what I eat as how much I eat. It is not uncommon for me still feel hungry after 3 or 4 plates of food. I have always been a big eater but it didn't start affecting my weight until a few years ago. I assume my metabolism dropped. I am not big on new year's resolutions but I will be joining you in an attempt to curb my appetite in the coming year.
  15. I'll just wait for the official release, but that's good to know...thanks. I thought it simply had to do with the server changes, as that's the only thing indicated on the warning page. Yea that warning page was a little misleading. It was just listing the networks and their AS numbers associated with them for informational purposes. It wasn't really saying there was a server/network change issue.
  16. I have worked with electronics all my life and believe me they can just burst into flames. With that said yes common sense goes a long long way.
  17. bluecow I would love to have a screenshot of the "Why was this page blocked" section if you could.
  18. treat site? I don't think we are giving out candy unless bosco has something going on and didn't tell me. I actually just saw the same using Chrome so will look into it.
  19. Phil?....Phil?....PHIL? lol.............Only at OCC can one witness a thread like this.
  20. Spaces should never have been allowed in user names in my opinion.
  21. Put yourself in my shoes. If someone offers you Calvin Johnson are you saying no? I was also 19 points behind the highest scoring team in the league on the season so it isn't like this one player made my season. And as of right now I'm losing anyway. I won't argue with that at all. If someone offered me Johnson especially only asking for Ridley in return I would have jumped all over it lol. Congrats on the win. Considering you got 70 points out of just two players for my team to have even made a game of it with Brady laying me a rotten egg makes me not feel too bad. The way my team performed in the playoffs I didn't even belong in the championship game lol. As long as I finish ahead of Clay I am happy.
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