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  1. Agreed! Next time when something like this happens guess what he will be checking first. EDIT: BTW, dhcp is layer 7 not 3.
  2. In my line of work it sounds pretty terrible lol.
  3. So what kind of details are we talking about here? hahaha...
  4. Yes PAT would be another way to do it if he has the equipment for it. lol @ nephilumos, yea do stuff like that on a regular basis.
  5. Actually this can be done with a single public IP using virtual hosts (there are other ways but this is normally the simplest for people to understand and implement). How do you think web hosting companies host hundreds of sites off same IP and server? Without more info about your setup and network infrastructure it will be difficult to help you set this up though.
  6. FYI: dmarc is a reference to the point where the provider equipment (PE) ends and the customer equipment (CPE) begins. If you are wanting to know the name of the actual box itself it is usually called NID or ONT (if fiber) depending on the provider. As for your problem I think wevsspot hit the nail on the head already.
  7. Anything else? &^%$#@ ...lol
  8. Ok so you guys want to be :tongue:
  9. I couldn't find a dancing midget stripper so that is what you get.
  10. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html :tongue:
  11. Like I said some we had before but had lost them during the last forum upgrade.
  12. We have added some new emoticons to the forum. Some we have had before and lost and some are truly new. :wink:
  13. Sonicwall TZ170 Is the sonicwall handling wireless or do you have a separate access point connected to it? If the sonicwall is handling wireless then just dedicate a specific IP range/subnet for wireless clients and then create a firewall policy that limits the bandwidth for that range/subnet. If you have a separate access point handling wireless then just create a firewall policy to limit bandwidth for whatever interface the access point is connected to. A tz170 isn't even close to "enterprise" class. Just an older SOHO firewall.
  14. Holy cow man, I can't even imagine what is all in there... Midget stripper porn of course... .....j/k Waco, it actually isn't a chop. It is what happens when Windows forgets how to read a partition table lol.
  15. Needing to store something like this eh?
  16. Ads aren't going anywhere. No ads means no revenue to keep the site going. It is the angel and the devil all in one.
  17. Good riddance I say. Never cared for hotmail.
  18. Nerm

    Louisville Arcade Expo

    I live only 40 minutes from there. Too bad I will be in Terre Haute this weekend.
  19. "Meatlocker" Oh man does that bring back the good old days.
  20. Well at work I deal mostly with Vmware products and lots and lots of Hyper-V. At home I mostly use just Vmware Player or Virtualbox. If you are new to virtualization Vmware player is easy to install and use.
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