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  1. Anyone wanting to participate this year send me a PM with the email address you want the invitation sent to. We currently only have 5 slots left so only the first 5 requests I receive will get invitations.
  2. The exam vouchers directly from Comptia are only $183 each. Not sure why you would want 2 vouchers for a single exam.
  3. So as long as I am gaming at least 3-4 feet away it should look alright then.
  4. With the room it will be in about the furthest I can get is probably 20 feet. The couch and recliner however are only about 10 feet.
  5. Just purchased this LG 50" plasma TV. I purchased it for movie/sports viewing in the media room. What do you all think about hooking it up to a gaming PC and also gaming on it. I have never gamed on anything larger than a 32" before so not sure how the picture looks, etc on larger screens when gaming.
  6. Yep same one! That article shouldn't bother you unless you are using a proxy for illegal activities in which case we won't be discussing it here anyway now will we. ....Actually this risk is there with any proxy that is not based out of a country like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.
  7. Returning to school and getting your Master's would probably be easier than getting the CCIE. That poor joke aside I have never been a big fan of higher education for the IT industry. Traditional school curriculum just can't keep up with the pace of IT and therefor is always behind in teaching best practice, etc. Now as you said if management is where you want to go then going back and getting your Master's would certainly be the better choice. You mentioned you weren't really interested in going into management yet are concerned with your limited hands on capabilities due to your carpal tunnel. What about pursuing the CCDE track instead. This could position you to get in that small wedge between hands on and management. That would be the design engineer/project manager plateau. If that is the area you want to get into the CCDE would be more valuable than one of the CCIE's or a Master's in my opnion.
  8. If your router hands out DHCP addresses then set them on the router. If you have static IP's then set it on the computer.
  9. In that case I recommend the two Essentials books I suggested in my first post. They would be a good starting point for you at least.
  10. Yep very good book. I do want to point out though (I forgot to mention this in my other post) that Network Warrior book does assume some existing fundamental networking knowledge so may not be best choice for a complete beginner.
  11. Networking Essentials is a really good starting point. A good Windows Server starting point is Windows Networking Essentials. My personal favorite though is Network Warrior and it is the most reached for item on my bookshelf. You mentioned you wanted to learn networking because the office is getting a real server. Keep in mind that even though networking is deeply tied to all aspects of IT there is still a lot of separation in learning and specialization between networking and server environments. More information on what exactly you are wanting to learn could help us make more accurate recommendations.
  12. Well that is kind of a wide open vague question. What would be more useful is what DNS are you using (eg. ISP's DNS, OpenDNS, Google, etc) and what the DNS error message says.
  13. I found this http://routerboard.com/RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN but I can;t locate any place that is selling it That is the downside to them is they are not as mainstream as other brands. For your situation I would probably suggest one like this http://routerboard.com/RB951G-2HnD one. You can find them at most wisp/network equipment dealers (roc-noc.com and streakwave.com are two good ones). I can get them too through work but doubt I could match the prices at either of those places.
  14. Might be a little out of your budget and comfort levels but Mikrotik routers perform great in high heat and other poor conditions. At work we use them in our equipment shacks for our WISP towers. They can even be mounted in outdoor enclosures with no air flow, etc and function just fine.
  15. This thread has been temporarily locked while this issue is reviewed.
  16. If it works for all but only a handful of people then it is almost certainly not on the website end. Have you tried clearing cookies, trying from another location (eg. friend's house, local library, etc), or disabling toolbars and unneeded add-on's?
  17. Are you logged in with root access also? Some hosting companies disable a lot of common commands for non root users.
  18. https://www.coursera.org/ is also a good source of learning.
  19. Ah python you have always had a place in my heart. lol
  20. ...and it probably didn't originate there either. No it didn't originate there. Since this topic was revived for any of you interested this was done with VRF's on just two cisco 1841's.
  21. Congrats man! Sounds like you are going to enjoy the new career path.
  22. The spikes are traversing both the wan and lan interfaces pretty much simultaneously. Normally I see this sort of thing when the ISP has so called "burst mode" enabled for the client and they are downloading a large file. Personally I would run a packet capture and see what is going on at the time stamps of the spikes.
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