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  1. Really need some more details to give much input. What kind of network/internet are you on, routers, firewalls, etc? If you are on a school campus network you will have zero control over what ports are open/closed to the outside world. If this is the case you will have to put in a trouble ticket to your school's IT department.
  2. You were right. Once I got it hooked up right and the output to tape enabled on the mixer it all worked like a charm. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I can't speak really for dealing with any vendors in China as I have zero experience with Chinese business divisions.
  4. If you want to go with Cisco equipment for the router and switch and based on the information you have provided I would recommend 800 series router and a 2960 w/ LAN Lite series switch. With the size and simplicity of your network even these I mentioned are really overkill, but you gave me the impression of wanting something higher-end with more expansion capability and features. If you were on a tight budget I would suggest going with a Mikrotik router and just about any L2 managed switch would do (Netgear, Trendnet, Cisco, etc). Really since you aren't looking for any specific features or capabilities most any SMB grade router/switch would do the job. With that being said if you see VLAN's, IP Phone systems, etc type things being added in the near future then I definitely recommend the higher-end equipment (eg. Cisco 800 series and 2960 series or similar).
  5. NIC teaming is a form of link aggregation. Meraki is owned by Cisco and makes good access points, but not a huge fan of their "cloud" controller subscription model. You could literally get something just as good from Ubiquiti for 1/4 the price and no reoccurring subscription fee.
  6. Yes, it does support playing tape/cd while recording on the other so maybe this is possible after all. What I still don't get is what keeps this setup from creating backfeed or whatever through the system?
  7. Ok I haven't had time to take some pictures, but here is what I do have. Sound recorder/player: http://tascam.com/product/cc-222slmkii/ Not the mixer I have but similar in connectors: I will get pictures of the actual mixer when I can.
  8. Link aggregation doesn't really having anything to do with MPLS. Link aggregation is for say you want to bond 4 NIC's in a server to 4 ports on a switch as a single high capcity/failover link. MPLS is a completely different ballgame then what you are looking at doing. Is it a networking protocol basically intended to lower the workload on core routers in large networks (eg. ISP's, Multi-tenant data centers, etc). Are the two sites on the same campus or far enough apart geographically to require network traffic to traverse the internet to reach each other? In my opinion if you are thinking about having wireless management centralized in the future anyway it is best to go ahead and do it in the initial network deployment. Cisco and others are outrageously expensive for this type of thing but look into Ubiquiti Networks "UniFi" wireless AP offerings.
  9. Will there be need for link aggregation to the servers when deployed? If redundancy is a low priority then it makes the setup fairly simple. Does the 30 users include wifi users and the byod craze? As for the access points are you planning on individual devices or centralized management?
  10. Actually playback works fine it is the recording part I can't get to work. I can record from tape to CD and from CD to tape but not from the mic's. I could take some pics if that would help.
  11. Just a heads up I know next to nothing about audio systems so I am hoping someone can help me out here. I basically am having trouble understanding how the RCA "tape" in/out connection works. For example If I have a mixer with speakers and mic's plugged into and I want to connect a sound system to it that plays tape and CD's through the speakers hooked to the mixer but I also want to be able to record from both the tape/cd that is playing along with the input from the mic's on the mixer to that same sound system. If I hook the RCA out from the sound system/recorder to the RCA input on the mixer and then the RCA out from the mixer to the RCA input on the sound system/recorder won't that create some kind of audio loop? A local music shop told me this is how it is done but didn't make sense to me. I come from the networking world so we avoid "loops" of any kind like the plague lol.
  12. Would need much more information to suggest specific equipment. How many users now and how many do you expect in the next 5 years? Will servers be added to the network now or in the future? Will you be using VLAN's? What are you security requirements? How important is network redundancy? Budget limitations? These questions are important to know in network design. For example if redundancy and security are not that important and you have less than 50 users then there is no sense in spending several grand on routers and switches. In this example your existing setup probably meets your needs fine. Maybe shell out a few extra bucks for a managed switch to give you more control over the network.
  13. Yea Mr. Lee saved your bacon lol. Pretty sad I have my best week yet (balance wise) and lose by 19.
  14. Saw this today and thought it was hilarious...
  15. i'm about to hit the like button with your post but how come there's none? do admins/staffs are exempted to be liked? anyway's... you are blessed with such kind of gesture, brotha Correct you cannot "like" staff member posts.
  16. Things like this always make me wish I was rich. Not so that I could buy lavish things for myself but so I could do this exact sort of kindness for others.
  17. I would read a book or watch a movie with this story line. I like the idea.
  18. Have had the tv in the media room for a couple weeks now and am very happy with it. What an upgrade over the 32" I have had for years. My only regret is that I didn't go bigger. I was afraid going over 50" would be too big for the room but after seeing it in there I could have easily fit a 60" without it being over sized for the room. Nonetheless it is a great tv and the primary uses for it (movies/gaming) is excellent.
  19. Any switch rated for layer2+ or layer3 should do what you want, however those switches are not cheap and for your purpose I would probably recommend a normal layer2 switch and use an old PC running a dhcp server capable OS (eg. linux) or a basic off the shelf router.
  20. Why do so many people think proxies are the end all be all of privacy security?
  21. This is actually one of the services the company I work for offers. If you would like some information on our managed service contracts just shoot me a PM. As for freelancer sites I suggest staying away from them. You will rarely find someone that really knows what they are doing on those sites. Spiceworks is a good place for information and finding legitimate freelance consultants. @kyfire: Spiceworks is great for network inventory, server monitoring, etc but imo the network monitoring capabilities of spiceworks is not that great. "The Dude" network monitor from Mikrotik is much better for that specific application and is also free. For example at work we use spiceworks for inventory auditing and server monitoring but we use the dude for network monitoring.
  22. I thought a single voucher covered both exams. It has been a few years since I got that cert though.
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