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  1. Without existing conduit to use in a situation like this I would suggest drilling through walls and putting in your own conduit and do a whole new data/voice infrastructure build out. Do you have floor plans with existing electrical, hvac, and other utility schematics for planning such a build out?
  2. No way we could ever accurately advise you on this with the amount of information provided. I would actually recommend you bring in a network engineer to do an evaluation before making any decisions. If you decide to go wireless at least a proper wireless survey needs to be done first. As for using the HVAC system to run wiring I highly discourage that as that is typically against building fire codes. In buildings like these I will normally do outside wall wiring conduit to run my cabling. I do this sort of thing for a living and would be more than happy to help, but unless there is something I am missing it sounds like you may need more than just advise from an internet forum.
  3. I would find a way to control the zombies and then use them to take over the world.
  4. No, OCC does not currently support secure protocols.
  5. Saturday and Sunday the temperature was mid-80's and this morning I wake up to low-30's and snow. I think mother nature is bipolar here in Indiana.
  6. 30mpg is terrible mileage? I would give me left arm just for 15mpg lol.Yeah my Jeep gets about 12-13...lol. And it was my most fuel efficient vehicle up until I got a cheap 02' Saturn with 35-39 MPG. The others are lucky to get double digit MPGs lmao Yep my 00' XJ gets about 8mpg in town and on a good day I might get 13mpg on the highway. Although my XJ isn't exactly "highway" configured lol.
  7. 30mpg is terrible mileage? I would give me left arm just for 15mpg lol.
  8. Would need to know a lot more information including info about existing servers, how many physical servers you want to consolidate to, and infrastructure to be of much help. My initial reaction though is cannot be done on that budget. When planning on consolidation I always recommend the PDC not be virtualized but virtualizing BDC's is fine.
  9. There is really no point to learning subnetting as it isn't used in networking anymore. Now days we just install Belkin routers. They don't even need subnets.
  10. A subnet mask would allow for 1024 addresses with 1022 usable. Watch the video I linked to. Lots of good information there.
  11. Not what I meant at all. I have seen networks of 100+ devices running on technically soho equipment that was "working". There is no fine line the sand of certain number of devices should be handled by certain grade of equipment. Every case and network has different requirements. There are many variables that go into designing and deploying a network like throughput, security, redundancy, etc. With that being said as a general rule of thumb I never use soho grade equipment for businesses regardless of size. Keep in mind there is a difference between SOHO and SMB.
  12. Do you see this issue when using any browser like Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc or does it only happen when using a specific browser?
  13. would not be a valid subnet, but or would be. The guys voice is annoying to listen to but this video is a great introduction to and explanation of IP address subnetting.
  14. For one thing soho belongs in well the "home office" and not a business network with 20+ networked devices.
  15. For projects like this I like FreeNAS.
  16. Confession: A thread like this could be so much more fun in the AG forum.
  17. Here is a great tool to use for proving ISP side issues. I agree with wev though it definitely sounds like an ISP related issue especially if you are getting that high a response time 4-5 hops out.
  18. Happy to have helped. For the price those UniFi AP's are hard to beat, especially the Pro versions since they support 802.3af.
  19. Because local connections are well "local". The forwarding has to be applied to the traffic traversing the VPN tunnel. Your public domain MX record would then need to point to Torguard so that it can then be forwarded across the VPN tunnel (see above). For something like this I wouldn't recommend any software based VPN honestly. Without a diagram and configs of everything involved there isn't a lot of advice I can give. With what I gather so far though if this scenario is your only option then it might be best to configure it so that incoming is on your local network and just use the VPN tunnel for outgoing.
  20. So is it worth a shot with If didn't work then is not going to work either. Are you sure this switch is even functioning correctly? If you have just the switch and a computer plugged into it with an IP of, mask of, gateway of (not really needed in this instance) then you should be able to access the switch at if it is functioning and configured correctly. Quite honestly I would recommend getting a real switch or resetting the existing switch and do it right to begin with.
  21. True, but one would create way to large a broadcast domain lol. I was just feeling like being a smart ass today. Who'd a thunk it?
  22. Actually would be more accurate.
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