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  1. I recently started my own PC business too. I am amazed at how retarted and rude PC consumer's can be....btw anyone know if newegg is a good place to get parts for a PC business?
  2. Anyone ever OCed an athlonXP 2500+(barton) while running Samsung 2700(333FSB) 512MB RAM. I have 2 athlonXP 2500+(barton) systems running. the one with the MSI K7N2 Delta mainboard and 2GB(512MBx2, 1GBx1) Cosair XMS 2700 running at 2.7ghz the other system has the same processor with a biostar M7NCD mainboard and 1GB(512MBx2) Samsung 2700 and the best stable speed out of it is 2.5ghz clock speed.
  3. mine does the same thing. i know the led light blinks when something is accessing the HD, but i had never noticed it beating close to the beat of my music when i'm playing it. after watching the lights a while it doesn't beat exactly to the music but it does keep a little bit of rythm lol
  4. I agree with kobalt you should report that virus to the webmaster for that site. If he doens't do anything about it then report it to the web hosting service for his site.
  5. I have a Viewsonic 21" on one of my gaming rigs and that thing is awesome those 21"'s really make a difference.
  6. yea from what i understand the FX-51 is the fastest out and is kicking the crap out of anything Intel has to offer and AMD isn't done yet the FX-53 is due out this month i think and the FX-55 is also due out in a couple of months.
  7. yes you can just pry and snap them right out. Nerm
  8. I suggest something simple and easy like VB as a first language. If you already have Python experiance though you shouldn't have any trouble picking up C/C++. Nerm
  9. Nerm

    Icon And Sig...?

    why do you say folding is a pain in the butt?
  10. Nerm

    No Dna Or Banner!

    I have done 5 WU's this week and my forum name and and team numbers are correct.
  11. Nerm

    No Dna Or Banner!

    how long does it normally take to get the DNA thingy? I also don't have the option on my signature to add the Folding banner. I am listed and showing up on the teams statistics, but that is it. Nerm
  12. I have always liked Nvidia, but both Nvidia and ATI make good cards. Right now ATI seems to have the upper hand, but Nvidia will come out with something new then Nvidia will have the upper hand again. Just the way the competetive market works. Nerm
  13. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, UT, BF1942, NFS Hot Pursuit 2, Madden, NBA Live, MVP Baseball, Soldier of Fortune. I play a lot of other games but those are my favorite. probably the best multiplayer game i've played is Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Soldier of Fortune. and of course UT is always a good multiplayer or singleplayer game. Overall favorite is UT. Nerm
  14. here is a good beginner's intro into programming onWebmonkey - Intro to programming also for a good beginner language i would suggest VB(Windows OS), or if you want a much more powerful programming experiance then try something like C/C++(Linux OS). It is true though that Linux is a better OS for a software developer, because it is open source and it comes with programming applications and tools such as C/C++, FORTAN, Perl, Python, etc... Why not develop on both Windows and Linux and have the best of both worlds so to speak. Nerm
  15. Why not go all out and get it all. if it is too much to do it all at once get it all over a period of time so that way it doesn't take so much of a chunk out tha paychecks lol... just my thoughts. Nerm
  16. I am just wondering why so many people are bashing George Bush? I know he might not be the greatest president we've ever had, but his moral stands are obviously much better than the last one we had.(Mr. under the desk with an intern lol) Also, Bush is extremely knowledgable in economics. So why do so many people have such problems with him? Nerm
  17. Nerm

    New To Folding

    I was going to get the console verison from the OCC section here on the site, but i wanted the screensaver and cool graphics which i heard the console didn't have lol Nerm
  18. Nerm

    New To Folding

    I downloaded the GUI verison of [email protected] from the [email protected] website and was wondering if i would still get credited to the OCC team. Nerm
  19. if she has a really easy to guess secret question he could have just guessed that and changed her password to whatever he wanted. Most peoples secret question on hotmail is easy to guess especially if you know them, because people are typically computer stupid(lol). Nerm, Stormztech.com
  20. first off go with #2 because Dell's are made with crappy cheap after market technology. also you said in your description on your #2 option that there was no warranty. if you get your parts from the right place all your parts would come with at least a one year warranty on it. ][Nerm][
  21. I have a bunch of pre-designed templates I did for fun a while back if you want one PM me.
  22. I was fooling around with my old comp that has an AthlonXP 2500+(Barton) and found something strange. All my OCing's came out fine except one. When I set the FSB to 166 and the Multiplier to 13 it showed up as 833mhz when it should have been 2.16ghz. I found this kind of strange. Every other FSB and multiplier setting I used worked fine. and the board supports 400fsb so I can't understand why it would do this. anybody got any idea's? ][Nerm][
  23. I personally prefer AMD from the experiance i've had the AMD's have ran a little cooler and more stable. And of course AMD's multiplier's can be unlocked and Pentium's can't so as a geek lol that kinda seals my pick haha...From what i've been hearing about the Athlon FX series from AMD, Intel had better get it's butt in gear or they are gonna be put out of business. All in all I like both chips both companies make a good chip, I guess it really just comes down to personal prefernce. ][Nerm][
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