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  1. yea i know what job and school is like i work full time contracting, have my own computer business, and i go to college full time so i know what it's like lol it can be very hectic
  2. I like your site. only this is that i wish your hacking game was a little more challenging, but it said that you hadn't finished the next level yet when i did it so i hope you post it on here when you get more levels done.
  3. overall site looks good i really liked the intro design. might want to work on your navigation. i clicked on 3 links that all took me to the same page.(forums, tools, scripting, and tutorials) All in all i like it it looks good.
  4. haha oops yea i know that works i forgot about using the && in between two functions. my bad...i'm always trying to do things the hard way lol
  5. i am currently setting up my own webserver
  6. since i am redoing my entire site i thought i would come up with something new. i am offering free webspace for webpage resumes and business cards. i am only going to do 5 for now as kind of a trial run. if you have a webpage resume or business card email me the page file and i'll host it on my site the address would be something like www.stormztech.com/name_resume.html or something like that this is just something new i wanted to try. if anyone thinks it's a good idea or bad idea let me know. www.stormztech.com [email protected]
  7. everything you put on ebay sold? how the heck? i guess i'm just not lucky enough
  8. in VB the shell command is what you use to open another program within your VB application. try this... Dim x as Double x = Shell("C:\Path\Program.exe", vbMaximizedFocus)
  9. you can only return one function in the onsubmit function. so try something like this. <script> function Submit() { if(form1() && form2()) { return true; } else return false; }
  10. Nerm


    try the free online virus scanner at Panda Software.
  11. good luck selling anything on ebay the only thing i've ever been able to sell on there was memory. nothing else hardly even gets page views for me. maybe i'm just doing something wrong lol but i agree with the others in here $1500 for that system is to high. I have a standard gaming system i build that is almost identical to that one and my brand new price with a one year warranty, and all the works(monitor, speakers, keyboard, etc...)is $1595. so yes that would be way to high for a used, OCed system.
  12. Nerm


    no i hate them. infact i hate all prebuilt computers. lol
  13. you will need a wireless router on his network and you will need a wireless network card, but i'm not sure if that will work at a distance of 3 miles.
  14. ok so my old site design was getting boring. so here is the new site design www.stormztech.com it is far from finished, but let me know what ya think of it so far.
  15. The reviews on the Cobra case have been very good so that would be my suggestion.
  16. Notice "Generic" 256MB RAM I run away anytime I see the word "Generic" as the brand.
  17. i gotta get me one of those lol...looks like Nvidia wants to compete with ATI again haha...let the games begin...MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. There is a place here in my town called Bello's Pizza they make the absolute best pizza i have ever had.
  19. I have a bunch of 4-pin Molex Splitter's I need to get rid of. I will sell them for $0.99 a piece + shipping and handling.(buy 10 or more and shipping and handling is free) if you are interested email me at [email protected] with the subject "Molex Splitter" EDIT: I also have a 350w power supply, Creative Labs 3pc speaker system with subwoofer, NETGEAR 4-port hub, and the NFS Collection game set. I have no price set on any of these items, so just email me an offer at the email above.
  20. haha yea i've got all my case lights set to beat to the music too. when i'm playing music my computer looks like one big strobe light lol
  21. those mini towers do have a history of over heating, but normally it causes the temperatures inside the case to be too high not just the processor. First i would try replacing the stock fan/heatsink with a good one. if your temp is still too high then try replacing the power supply. if that doesn't work try a new case also. Is the fan and heatsink you have now seated right on the cpu? are all your case fans and cpu fan turning? also have you checked what your temps are in your BIOS's PC health status?
  22. my problem right now is i can't afford to buy stuff in bulk. i am just starting out so i am just ordering it as i need it.
  23. is it just me or does it seem as though there has been a big growth in overall virus spread and infection recently. for example just the other day i fixed a guys computer that had over 350 infected files on it.
  24. I like to use the Raidmax cases and am very happy with them. I personally suggest the Raidmax Scorpio 868.
  25. I think the best way to ghost is with symantec Ghost. you do not need to wipe the drive the software should do that for you. don't know if you can ghost just individual programs i have never tried. you can however ghost from one drive to another.
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