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  1. I have one written in python, but it doesn't use a text file. It can be changed to use a text file though.
  2. no one ever said i was saine lol.. and yes it is true. We did stay up for 9 days. BTW I was 16 and he was 15 at the time so I don't wanna hear give him a break because he is only 15.
  3. A buddy of mine and I stayed awake for 9 days that is 216 hours. I'll never try something like that again I was so friggin tired after that lol.
  4. Wouldn't drilling lots of breathe holes in different places of the case help with the heating problem?
  5. Anyone ever try to make a custom case made out of wood? It would be different, but not sure if it would work as a housing for computer parts. I've seen other people use things like cardboard, so I thought I would try it with wood.
  6. Nerm

    Mcafee Vs Norton

    Panda has multiple security software suites. You can get their Internet Security Package which comes with everything. AV, Firewall, Anti-Spam, etc...
  7. somebody has a lot more patience than me lol.
  8. Nerm

    Mcafee Vs Norton

    Panda Anti-Virus is better than both Norton's and McAfee and it is also cheaper than both of them. Panda's virus updates are faster, more recent, and more effecient. But, if you will only have either McAfee or Norton's I would suggest Norton's because even though McAfee has gotten better than it used to be it is still a while behind Norton's and Panda. If you really want the best AV protection for the cheapest price then you should go Panda.
  9. no i can never have enough firewalls lol i'm a security freak!
  10. Because it is fun having the biggest and baddest lol...I know lots of my friends are into suping up cars and things like that I am into suping up computers lol and my hobby of suping up computers is cheaper than the hobby of suping up cars. I also use all my computers for my business. Kinda like what bigred said. Why own a computer shop that sells high end computers when you don't even have one yourself.
  11. Router firewall + Zone alarm on each PC behind the router + Panda Anti-Virus
  12. I got Captain America hahahaha....must have been my patriotisim. lol
  13. my fav horror movie ever was and still is the "Exorcist" with the director's outtakes. texas chainsaw wasn't that good i agree that the original was better.
  14. also knowing pressure points can come in very handy in a fight whether your outnumbered or not. First, punch, jab, chop, whatever lol to the adams apple and while they are stunned by that kick the side of their knee in(breaking their knee inward) they are now done haha...also it is a proven fact that just kicking someone strait into the balls is not the most painful thing in the world. hitting their you know what in a downward motion is twice as painful as getting kicked in the balls it can even kill them. also gouging(however you spell it) the eyes is always an option. if you are quick and strong enough you can use this. When someone throws a punch at you and putting their body weight into it use it against them as their punch is coming block it to your side with a pulling motion to you, then in one quick powerful motion lunge by them placing one hand on the back of their neck and the other hand grabbing their chin and spin *SNAP* their dead or peralized. FIGHT OVER! lol i know i sound harsh but i've been their when your fighting for your life you gotta do everything you can.
  15. the most guys I have ever fought and won was 5. From experiance the best thing to do is fight like they want to kill you even if they don't. you would not believe how much stronger you get with adrenaline when you think your life is on the line. you get faster, stronger, and just plain crazy. use whatever is near you as a weapon. knife, bat, chair, rock, stick, another person, beer bottles, andything you can get your bloody hands on. and never let up if you get up on any of the guys your fighting and have an opening to do some damage do it. Normally if the rest of them see that you mean business and that you are willing to fight to the death they will more than likely just walk away. But, with all that said you shouldn't fight unless you have your back to the wall and there are no other options. Fighting isn't just about who's strongest or fastest. you have to be smart too.
  16. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I have played sports all my life and just lifted weights off and on. The only time I ever lifted heavy was last winter. I am just geneticly built big and bulky. I look like I still lift weights and I haven't for about 9 months. My max bench was 295lbs. I have worked out with guys that had such bad genetics that the chicks in the gym were building muscle mass better than them(well not quite but sounded good lol). All I can say is if your one of those guys that has bad genetics you gotta work twice as hard as guys like me to build muscle. Also, a good thing to do when trying to build muscle mass is to eat something high protein like chicken, etc.. as soon as you get home from the gym. A trainer once told me that intaking something that is high in protein right after finishing your work out makes the mass building process faster. Don't know if it really works or not because I couldn't tell when I tried it because I just build mass quickly no matter what.
  17. Anything you would trade the 80gb HD for?
  18. Why are you wanting to get rid of it?
  19. I have a couple used cases I got out of trade-ins. If your interested email me at [email protected]
  20. If I was doing it I would hook the 80GB up first as a slave to the 30GB to back up the stuff I wanted to keep on the 30gb to the 80gb. Then I would format the 30gb so that it is blank and re-partition it. Then I would put the 80gb as the master and the 30gb as the slave. Install my OS onto the 80gb and then i'm done. The OS should recognize your 30gb as a secondary HD. To set a HD to either Master or Slave there are jumpers on the back of the HD you can either set the jumpers on both HD's to CS(Cable Select) where whichever IDE connector you are using (master or slave) will determine the HD's master or slave status. The other way to set an HD to either master or slave you just set the jumpers on the HD's to either the master jumper or the slave jumper.
  21. A buddy of mine and I used to make tic tac bombs when we were young. We would use them to blow up birds and frogs and stuff with them. Then one day we managed to blow half my buddies face off and that stopped that real quick. We also used to make our own poisen, but when my buddy lost all the hair on his head we decided to grow up and get into more sensible things like computers and sports lol.
  22. I agree with that definatly needs to look more technological. The outdoors image takes away from the site looking professional. Other than that I like it!
  23. one local shop in my area charges $75/hr. even if it is just to look at it without fixing it and that is their in shop fee.
  24. I charge $20/hr. + parts for in shop work and $30/hr. + parts for on site work. Of course that is about half the average PC shop charge around here. If you have any local computer shops around just call and ask them what they charge and then charge her slightly less. Although, I kind of agree to the get her phone number idea, but only if she is hot as ####! lol
  25. the Macromedia Studio MX suite is by far the best web developement software out there. I have been using it for all of my web work for years. With all of the tutorials out there on Flash MX it would be a breeze for you to pick it up in no time.
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