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  1. Thank you for alerting us. We will look into the issue.
  2. I disagree! My wife has a career in retail management so someone is always her b#$* lol. @OP: Legally in the U.S. your age cannot be the deciding factor in whether you get a job or not. An employer cannot discriminate against, age, sex, color, etc so I would not worry about your age going in. Just be confident in the fact that you have done your job well and expect that to make you worthy in the hiring manager's eyes to move up.
  3. lol, yea that is your consolation prize for picking AP in first round.
  4. What is sad is I had targeted both Murray and Brown in all my mock drafts and come draft day I wasn't able to land either of them in any of my three leagues.
  5. My Admin password: [email protected] ..................... Also if it helps the IP of our datacenter is so send your DDOS to that address. I am feeling extra nice so here are the subnets we use if you want to DDOS our entire network.
  6. Be careful about asking for warning points. Dave has his finger on the big red button at all times.
  7. RIP one of the funniest men on earth.
  8. Happy birthday a day late man.
  9. Exactly what I was trying to say.
  10. Actually football would be quite interesting if the ball was actually shaped like an egg lol. btw, I never said american football was first. It is a hybrid of soccer and rugby so it obviously couldn't have come first. I never even said it was officially termed soccer. I was pointing out that the term soccer was used quite a bit even in England (in fact that was the terms origin) before the 1970's. Most non-American soccer fans I know get all up in arms when I say soccer even though that is another name for the sport.
  11. Did you mean American Football or Association Football? You know association football which was referred to as soccer by just about everyone everywhere until the 1970's when the Brit's got butt hurt that everyone was using their word so to set themselves apart they disowned the word in favor of just football. The word football that actually refers to several different sports. Yes this post is about American Football and not Soccer.
  12. You would have to pry the title from my cold dead fingers. lol
  13. We have two spots still open for our 2014 Fantasy Football league. If anyone is interested PM me your email address and I will send an invite. The draft is August 17th at 2:00pm EST.
  14. I have always had good luck with Bear and PSE bows. Bowtech and Hoyt also make excellent bows if money is of no concern.
  15. What bow (and arrows) do you use, and what do you hunt? Very old Bear compound. I am actually in the market for a new one if anyone has any suggestions. ....I hunts lots of things but only deer with a bow.
  16. I bow hunt does that count?
  17. Thanks for the reply. Why specifically do you think those would better serve my purposes? Don't get me wrong I am sure pfsense or ipfire would both handle your needs. RouterOS from Mikrotik and Untangle are both just more powerful and scalable than the other two. What do you mean??? I listed the 3 reasons for doing this before asking the 3 questions. After reading your original post I think I understand a little better what you are wanting to do. Reason 3 I had to read multiple times as it was a little hard to follow for me. Still telling you what else you should know before starting is hard to answer as I have no idea where your level of networking knowledge is and your prior experience. If you have no experience in networking then there is a lot you need to know and I would recommend you do a good bit of reading on the fundamentals of networking before starting any network project. Computer Networks and Networking Essentials are both excellent beginner books.
  18. Mikrotik or Untangle would be much better OS options for a project like this. I am having trouble understanding exactly what it is you are trying to do with step three. 1. Will the 2 networks significantly interfere with each other? Depends on how you set it up. 2. How can I mitigate the interference? Shouldn't need to if setup correctly. 3. What else should I know before doing this??? Hard to answer this one when I am still not sure what it is you are trying to accomplish.
  19. Ridiculous! Yes wev I agree a complete insult to "real" college athletes.
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