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  1. Yes, and using a colder source while still using air cooling is possible.
  2. It is kind of cheating but you make the air source into the case colder than the rooms ambient. Picture in your mind a 10,000BTU window A/C unit, 4" dryer duct, and duct tape.
  3. Just an FYI: It is quite possible to get a CPU temp below the rooms ambient temps even without extreme cooling like phase, DICE, LN2, etc. For those of you that say it cannot be done you must not have been around when I was doing WR breaking stock/air cooling experiments on the Athlon barton core. Also as others mentioned anytime going below ambient is dangerous as to condensation issues, however with that said I have had several chips/boards completely frosted. Would warm up and drip all over board and CPU and of all those times only damaged one board and one CPU. So even though condensation can cause problems it is not the pcb killer some think it is.
  4. I know their are at least a couple more. Bosco is into MMA I know for sure.
  5. I use the internet for all kinds of things.
  6. Nope, I have studied various forms of Martial Arts since I was a child. I agree that it is a great source of exercise.
  7. Bored? I work non-stop and have two kids under the age of 4. What the hell is bored? Anyway when I do have free time I usually spend it with family, playing/watching sports, lifting weights, or reading (mainly American history and technical reading. Currently reading about the intricacies of routing protocols).
  8. I usually feel poor this time of year when the IRS gets done with me.
  9. None, I am not a fan of spring assisted knives. I like complete control over the opening and closing mechanism. I have lots of knives and even though I have some rather expensive ones my favorite daily carry knife is a $20 Smith & Wesson like this one. If spring assisted is not a must for you then I would probably suggest something like this SOG Fusion knife. I am actually planning on adding this one to my collection myself.
  10. Ran across this article this morning and found it amusing so thought I would share. Server Room Disaster Recovery plan for a zombi apocolypse
  11. Oh my goodness, where to even start. Yes I have multiple servers actually. 1x HTPC/Media server - hosts audio/video or anything media based 1x Ubuntu Linux Server - misc file server and backup server Lab environment: 1x Windows Server 2003 - AD, DNS, etc (getting ready to build a new lab built on 2008) 2x Windows 7 acting as VM server (one for server/router VM's and the other for workstation VM's) These are just active servers. I used to have more before virtualization came around.
  12. Nerm

    Mac Vs. PC

    "Mac's last for like 5 freakin years" hahahahaha. That was hilarious!
  13. I am making a wordpress site for my Dad's church. I am just going to use the default wordpress theme but I am wanting a custom header image for it. As many of you know graphic design is not something I am even remotely good at. It is a non-profit project so nobody go crazy fancy, but anything better than my example I have attached to this post would be great.
  14. If they won't give you just a modem you could also turn the firewall off and just set it to bridged mode and put another firewalled router behind it that would allow you to make changes if necessary.
  15. Nerm


    We have awesome hard working mods. As others have said just use the "report" feature as that is what it is for.
  16. PM me the drive information and I can get you a ballpark figure. I do level 1 and 2 data recovery myself, but for anything more drastic I use drivesavers with whom I am a partner. Being a partner with drivesavers I can arrange for your drive to get free to them and back shipping as well as free diagnostics. I can also get you a 10 - 15% discount most of the time depending on the recovery.
  17. We don't delete accounts except in very special circumstances. Send me a PM.
  18. I agree especially since they may qualify for educational pricing.
  19. If it is small sub 15-20 device office then an RV042 would be just find and yes those are rebranded Linksys. Now if he has many more devices and needs mission critical redundancy then I would suggest something more high-end maybe even twin 2901's running HSRP if it was that mission critical.
  20. The RV042 that injijagwalaafq linked will do this at a much lower cost than a 2900 series. I also don't like using ASA's as routers as that was not really their intention (Yes I have done it but just not fond of it).
  21. Any business class dual wan router should be able to do load balancing, but as others have already pointed out this is not a true "combining" solution. Btw, load balancing wont affect static public IP's or secured traffic if setup correctly.
  22. I qualify for a Geezer on all of them except the born before date. I wasn't born until 1984.
  23. Nerm

    Thoughts of Cyanogen

    Worked awesome on my eris.
  24. Nerm

    Old school score

    ha I probably couldn't even find my 01 scores.
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