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  1. Just ran across this and almost fell out of my chair laughing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG5cEik2ABY
  2. I changed this to multiple selections as most that use virtualization use more than one platform at one point or another. I myself use virtualbox, vmware, and hyper-v regularly. I have some clients using Virtual PC for XP mode also.
  3. University of Louisville. We were the first school Petrino screwed over.
  4. Doesn't surprise me one bit with Verizon. I deal with a lot of ISP's in my line of work and Verizon is by far the most difficult one to work with.
  5. lol.....btw, wev I love your member title since I am a UofL fan.
  6. Yes and it drops at the inside interface of the ASA. I actually already figured it out. Their ASA only has a 10 user license and he told me they only had 10 network devices. After doing an inventory of their network of my own found they actually have 15 network devices. Pretty strange issue but simple problem and resolution in the end.
  7. He is hardwired. We have already tried swapping his computer.
  8. So far I am stumped and am looking for any ideas or possible solutions no matter how far "outside the box" they are. I have a client that has 2 locations with a VPN between them. Each location has a Cisco ASA 5505 terminating the VPN and handling local routing. They have a server at each location replicating AD, DNS, etc between them across the VPN. This issue happens about once a day and last for about 30 minutes. The issue is that one of the computers at location 1 is unable to access anything outside the local network. For example his computer responds to pings from the server, router, other PC's. He can ping other PC's on the local network, server, and inside address of the router. He cannot ping anything on the outside of the router or even across the VPN. We have already tried swapping cables, assigning his PC a static IP, swapping the switch, swapping his PC, fresh config on ASA, even swapped ASA with brand new one. What makes this even stranger is that it only happens with the one computer. None of the other machines at either location have this issue. If anyone has any possible solutions I am all ears or eyes I guess haha.
  9. Ok, I get it now. My reading comprehension failed me lol.......If you still have to replace the router every now and then because of the dropped connections then I still suggest trying a UPS on the new one. As for the other issue that does sound like it is on Verizon's end, however that doesn't necessarily mean it is a physical line issue. It could also be caused by a route hop on Verizon's network you are going through. As a test do a traceroute to say google.com or similar when it is working and then another one when it is not working and compare the response times of each hop along the way.
  10. I understand what you are saying but unless I read one of your posts wrong you mentioned that replacing the router fixes the issue. If the problem is indeed the line then replacing the router should not fix the issue. EDIT: Might even be a combination of issues (eg. dirty power damaging router plus line issue, etc).
  11. If every time they send you a new modem/router it starts working again then how could it be the line unless they do something to fix the line each time as well? Those DSL modem/routers are junk especially the ones from Verizon. I agree with Waco on trying it on a UPS next time they send you a new one.
  12. Not sure how weird it is but I will eat Ketchup on anything or by itself. For example I love eggs over easy and hash browns mixed together with ketchup. Hot sauce mixed with ranch dressing. Peanut Butter & Syrup sandwiches (this is especially good with chilli) I know I will catch flak for this one with all the perverted nerds on here but oh well. I love to drink pickle juice right from the jar. I am sure I have many more that to most is weird but those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that I can remember being called weird by somebody at one point or another.
  13. Sorry I am so used to just referring to it as the XJ I forget that not everyone knows what I am talking about.
  14. Took the XJ out on some trails. It was my kids first time wheeling. They had a blast. It was funny hearing my 3 year old daughter telling my wife "It's OK mommy I will protect you" For dinner wife and kids took me out for Hot wings, chilli-cheese fries, and beer.
  15. I am with bish on this one. Call me a redneck but I like to be up not down by the ground. Course I prefer to not drive on the road anyway. lol Dave does look like that is gonna be a nice sounding stang though. Need to take some audio clips. I would love to hear that exhaust.
  16. Kings Island isn't far from you. There is tons of stuff to do in and around Cincy. As someone else said if you are from TX you will enjoy getting used to snow this winter.
  17. Depending on how much data you need to host and for what purpose I could make you an ftp account and folder on one of my servers. I have done this for a few other OCC members in the past. Since you are an OCC member I wouldn't charge anything.
  18. I am needing an HWIC-1FE or HWIC-2FE to put in a Cisco 2800 series. Just thought I would post this here in the off chance someone might have an extra one sitting around.
  19. Congrats! Always feels good to get past something so grueling.
  20. All I can say is "Go Pacers" lol That Clippers Griz game I actually went to bed at halftime because I figured it was over. Wake up the next morning to find out they came back. Must have been a hell of a comeback.
  21. They make great wireless equipment (especially their p2p/p2mp stuff). They aren't really designed for home use though, more for smb/wisp deployments.
  22. Now keep in mind I am talking purely theoretical here but what if the cpu and rest of the case had completely separate sources of cold air? Waco, I know what you are saying. I am really just trying to ruffle some feathers here to be honest.
  23. I wasn't talking about ambient of the case I was talking about ambient of the room. If we are talking ambient of the case then no I don't believe that would be possible, however if the A/C is piped directly to the heatsink/fan assembly it is theoretically possible to get it below the ambient temp of the case.
  24. lol, never said it wasn't extreme. I just saw were someone said it wasn't physically possible on air cooling and I just wanted to point out that it is.
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