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  1. Yea Dave got to scared of my FF awesomeness and gave up last year. hahahahahaha
  2. Yes it is just a custom skin running on Invision Power Board. By far the best forum software available in my opinion.
  3. Maybe tradition is being created? lol
  4. That draft time is not set in stone. I just chose a random date and time, however out of fairness I choose random dates and times for a reason. It helps to keep from having to try and work around each and every schedule.
  5. Allworx makes some good stuff. We use them in our own office. If budget is of no concern the Cisco UCS stuff can be pretty impressive.
  6. Yea sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
  7. Well it is getting close to that time of year again. All interested in playing need to PM me with their email address to which I can send the invite. As usual the league will be done on yahoo sports.
  8. I can almost always get cable ran to the AP location, however in the very rare occasion that I cannot I have used mesh and repeater technology.
  9. Personally I normally just do an access point on each story as needed. Some larger homes I have even done two access points per story.
  10. Nerm

    Too funny

    Translation mishap or marketing fubar it is till funny to me.
  11. ditto! If you have an android based device there is an app you can download called "wifi analyzer" that you can use to do an RSSI survey to find the best location for your wireless router.
  12. Saw this and had to share it.
  13. Once you click on the "find my content" link in the users profile at the top right of the content page there is a dropdown that lets you sort by topic or posts if anyone still needs that functionality. EDIT: never mind d3 already covered that too. lol
  14. Yes they are good. They also don't get enough praise for the work they do, so it is good to see posts like these.
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhh I see. I thought he was talking about the ones to the right of the avatar. Yes the ones below the avatar do go to the search page. Now that we can replicate the issue we can figure out what is causing it.
  16. If you use a proxy that goes through a different ISP does it still do it?
  17. Well gotta figure out if it is something on my side or not before I can fix it. I have tested it from systems on three different carriers in IE8, IE9, firefox, and chrome and can't replicate your issue. EDIT: Did you just call me home-skillit? lol where is that ban button again?
  18. Does it also do it in firefox or chrome for you or just IE9?
  19. logout, clear cache, log back in and see if that fixes it.
  20. It all depends on the tunnel. For example an IPSEC VPN and SSH are both encrypted so if a snooper was to intercept the traffic between point A and point B it would have to be able to decrypt it to read it. A GRE tunnel and Telnet traffic are unencrypted so if a snooper intercepted that traffic it could read it without having to decrypt it. I know this is a vague and pretty broad spectrum answer but with how vague the question was it is the best I can do without more info as to what exactly you are wanting to know. EDIT: A VPN is for connecting two sites together. For example if you have an office in Chicago and another office in Dallas the VPN would create a "Virtual Private Network" between the two offices across a broad WAN like the internet. If you are entering data into a contact from on an internet website hosted from a webserver is say New York the VPN wouldn't have anything to do with encrypting that traffic. You would be relying on the encryption used by the webhost to secure the data entered into the contact form.
  21. Ok since this game now has a free trial option I downloaded it today and just want some advice on what to do next. Best servers to play on, etc. Keep in mind I am no avid gamer. Haven't done much gaming at all in fact since the UT2004/2005 days. Never played an MMORPG in my life.
  22. I will apologize ahead of time for the level of nerdy on this joke but just heard it this morning and found it amusing. "What is the best thing about a RIP joke?....It can be told 15 times."
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