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  1. Yes "redneck" originally meant uneducated, racist, etc. More recently though I have found "city folk" use it to refer to anyone that lives outside the "city" and drives a truck, hunts, etc. In other words lately I see it being used as a derogatory term towards anyone from the "country". I guess what I am saying is just because I live in the "country", hunt/fish, etc doesn't mean I am an uneducated "redneck".
  2. As a fellow "hick" with an IQ of 160 I like this post.
  3. Nerm

    funny videos

  4. I use bash or php scripts in conjunction with cron jobs for this type of thing. Just google those and you will see all kinds of howto's etc.
  5. If "real" routers could be reset with just a toothpick then I bet Dusty Baker is on the "No Entry" list of every ISP data center in the world. .....If you don't know who Dusty Baker is then that will make no sense to you, but if you know who he is you are probably on the floor right about now. lol.
  6. Hey that 2950 might be old but you just cannot break those suckers. I know several people that still have them in their production environments just because they won't die.
  7. My routers don't have reset buttons so what do I do? lol
  8. What is the big advantage of DLP/Plasma over LED?
  9. Now see that deserves an engineer title. If you go to school to be an engineer then that is what you should be. To me these companies that give every employee that has anything to do with technology an "engineer" title are insulting real engineers everywhere.
  10. Done the projector thing in the past and wasn't that impressed for the money. @bp There is only one window and it will be on the back-side of the TV. Seating distance from the TV will be 6-10 feet. Not interested in 3D but I wouldn't say no to a TV just because it has it. Budget I will probably want to keep under $2k since I have to fund a new lab for this house as well. On a side note I will also be upgrading the DVR to have an HD tuner in it. Currently has an analog Hauppage in it. Any suggestions on tuners or is Hauppage still king in that department?
  11. Awesome news, congrats! Hey at least her title is going to be "systems engineer". I get at least 2 or 3 calls per week from people calling themselves "sales engineers". WTF? They design and deploy sales at the atomic level maybe?
  12. I don't buy electronics at Wal-Mart. I am partial to Samsung and LG as I have had good luck with those brands. I was more seeking suggestions on specific TV technology I should look for when basically it will only be for movie watching.
  13. Over the last couple weeks the wife and I have been moving into our new house. We decided to make the upstairs room a spare bedroom/media room/office. It is a fairly large loft style room (about 500 sq. feet). Since it will also serve as a media room I want to put a nice big-screen TV in there. It will be viewing mostly only movies about 99% of the time. Regular TV shows and sports will mostly be watched in the living room. Does anyone have any suggestions on TV's for this purpose?
  14. .....Need to get a lock on the antenna though too. hahaha
  15. Don't bother with MAC filtering. That and WEP are both totally useless for wifi security. There are many ways to kick them off but the simplest has already been suggested "just change the key".
  16. Half my team was on bye too so I was surprised I won.
  17. Nerm


    Great now I gotta clean coffee off my keyboard.
  18. Anything that says Radio Shack on it I would just throw in the trash. As for an A/V Receiver this Pioneer is pretty good for the money. I would test the speakers before going any further though. If they test good enough for you to keep then you are in business, but if they don't you could replace them and just use the existing wiring. I can speak from experience that you have to be careful with home theater setups as they can get expensive on you in a hurry if you aren't careful. Could you post a schematic of some sorts to show how the wiring and speakers are laid out through the house?
  19. Ah Bish you are not useless. I mean come on somebody has to get me my coffee and donuts. hahaha
  20. If I was to ever leave IT I would probably go back to the full-time farmer life.
  21. Yes, if both machines support and have auto-mdix settings enabled then a straight-through cable can be used. Crossover is still the "proper" way though. Even in switch to switch and router to router I use crossover to take the "auto-negotiation" headache off the devices hands.
  22. And I would be willing to bet you learned a lot more on the job than in the classroom.
  23. I am going to take the opportunity to rant here about how "higher education" costs keep going up and the quality of employee's they are spitting out keeps going down. No offense to those of you that are graduating or just graduated I am sure you are a fine individual. I am just getting frustrated seeing a kid graduate from college with a BS in network administration/engineering and can't even tell me how subnetting works or the basics behind why as techs we do the things we do and not just because a book tells us to.
  24. You still got a couple players going tomorrow so there is always a chance.
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