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  1. Nice! My home ISP just recently started offering 1Gb/25Mb for $90/month. Sooooo tempting but I don't really have a need to justify the cost (100Mb/25Mb now for $50). Personally if I was to upgrade due to work from home situations I would prefer to go with the 200Mb/200Mb business line for $200/month. I know it is a lot more expensive but the much higher upload speed is more practical for my uses. *oooh thought* I wonder if I can get work to comp it. :D

  2. I must have missed the part in your original post about 5Ghz being so open. In that case if your devices all support 5Ghz then I wouldn't even bother turning on 2.4Ghz and just use 5Ghz. -85 to -70 is a pretty big improvement especially when you consider 5Ghz doesn't have the same penetration capability as 2.4Ghz. Sounds like the radio on the old router was quite weak.

  3. Adding another AP with a more powerful radio is never the answer to channel saturation. The best resolution would be to talk to your neighbors and either get them to lower the power on their AP's (doubtful they have AP's capable of this) or get them to change channels around to keep overlapping channels at a minimum. I see a lot of people trying to throw more dB's at over crowding issues like this and it normally just enhances the problem for everyone. From the sound of your situation the location of your AP might play the biggest role in improving performance.


    I am not sure I understand your comment about "unstable connection at only -95dBm". If you are at -95 I would expect it to be unstable. Rule of thumb is anything above -80 is considered "questionable".



    If you do not dissect it to look for the inconsistencies is it at least enjoyable? Is it a good watch if you just want to get engrossed in it for a couple hours? 



    El_Capitan... you should flag your post as a spoiler just in case ccokeman hasn't read the first post.


    Lol, the title of the thread is [spoilerS] - Star Wars VII Thoughts. If he can't read that, then there is no hope.


    If there is hope it will be a new hope. lol

  5. There are others out there that support GPON. I don't work much with residential stuff but I do know TP-Link and D-Link both make GPON capable wireless routers. With that being said I am not a fan of residential grade routers terminating fiber. Normally (and the way I recommend it be done) the ISP will install their own commercial grade ONT and then run cat5e/6 into the residence so the end-user can use whatever router suits their fancy.


    Congrats man! I am in the IT consulting sector so I completely understand the being "whored" out feeling lol. If you get opportunities to travel with this job take them. The traveling gets harder on you as you get older and wife/kids get added, etc.


    I would see it being a benefit to travel with all that going on Norm haha



    Excellent point! lol

  7. Online forums of any kind have been falling off since the social media boom. Discussions happen on facebook, twitter, etc now days and that is just the nature of the beast. To make things worse the OCing/Moding/Benchmarking worlds have been dwindling as the new age of computer users seem to have little interest in that stuff. :( The one thing we have going for us is that PC gaming is still a big deal and if you will notice that is where the majority of our discussions in the forum takes place these days.

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