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  1. cheers everyone . much appreciated for all your help and tips
  2. Hi all i have a small 120gb SSD thats nearly always full. So ive snapped an intel 730 SSD 480GB to replace it at a bargain price. Now im wanting to know whats the best safest way to "clone" from 120gb to 480gb without having to reinstall microsoft 7 licence etc or start from scratch without losing lots of pics and stuff i have on there. I do have the original microsoft disc (win7) here. Ive been reading this link and see if anyone had a go with it and see if its successful or not http://www.pcworld.com/article/2086644/how-to-upgrade-to-a-larger-hard-drive.html software is called EaseUS Todo Backup Free any advice or tips you can tell me
  3. cheers mate ... i sort of heard acronis before... i'll give this one ago .. thanks for your help
  4. hmm even the vga cord plugs to the mobo and not the card?
  5. Hi my hubby complains that his 3 years old PC that has MSI mobo that started blacking out on the monitor every minute or so and back to normal then black out again then normal .. so on . At first i thought it was the new 6 mths old 23 inch LG monitor thats doing it . So i put an older known working lcd monitor to test his PC. nup its still blacking out. So im thinking its his msi mobo graphic on board is stuffing or on its way out. is there any other ways to test or tips to do next to stop the blacking out? before i buy a new mobo for him thanks oh i heard 4 beeps on start up if that helps . i googled it says mobo's bad. ?
  6. yeah i threw that factory PSU in the bin and installed silverstone or corsair ( i cant rem now) 500watts bronze PSU. Much Much better now .
  7. his specs are as follow . its shits imo .... it was built by a friend of mine.
  8. hi everyone .. it turns out untrusted third party software hiding in there .. so i got rid of it . cleaned up his pc . threw out his msi crappy video card .. its def dead cause i tried to test it to my other spare PC . So i'll get him a better new one soon. i also installed a spare harddrive for back up only . its running real good now. Probably good for another 2 or 3 years to go then i'll build him a better pc myself with better quality parts . cheers everyone for your inputs and ideas
  9. wow i really like the second wood case best !!! its very nice looking case
  10. its all good now ... i had to do system restore point ... and now its fine.. So i think it was one of these freebies online pc games that i download it and it was trojen. Even kaspersky didnt get rid of it for some reason.. but it did warned me about it . so i didnt install it ..... Anyway its fine now and back to normal
  11. Hi I've noticed my GTX680 went into overdrive and uses so much voltage and the temp went to 100degree. I have adjusted the fan to full to cool it down ...... So i thought it must have some dust in it.. I have removed it and cleaned it.. it wasnt much dust really , just a lil bit. I opened the outer case and see if insides ok. I noticed that R22 chip in the middle is missing or is that how it is ? The red cap at the top left side is leaking abit. This graphic card is only a year old. I have updated the EVGA software to make few adjustment to bring down the temp. but i dont really know whats right voltage, power target, GPU clock offset etc. I mainly use internet and youtube clips to watch ........ Sorry I didnt get to print screen the previous one when it went into overdrive ..........
  12. looks leaking to me .. not glued down. I'll have another look later this week to see if theres any more leaks . yeah it could be software glitch as well .... i'll keep an eye on it for few wks
  13. nothing really .. just reading facebook feeds ....this got me stumped... i think since i have updated to latest evga software that seems to have fixed it ....
  14. ok i have set the evga to default and seems to be stable atm ......... and the voltage reading has dropped from 250 to 99.
  15. Gamer76


    looks great!! i think thats gonna be real heavy to lift/move.
  16. Gamer76

    Need a good VM software

    ok would playing old PC games be any problems while using virtualbox XP on window 7 rig? i'm looking into this virtualbox that someone mentioned
  17. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    hmm i had a look on youtube of VM and it looks interesting. I 'll give it a go on the old pc before trying it on my gaming rig. is this it right ?
  18. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    Hi I got given this old PC tower for free that I modded two dvd roms from upright to down position so the PC will be used side-way instead of upright. Anyway I added cheap neon light that I had lying around for 4 yrs or so. I also added a biggish fan on the side panel to draw out the heat from CPU. The CPU fan was missing so I made a fan that sits on top of the CPU heatstink til I find a proper one. The OS is XP with hacked vista on top of it which was abit strange for me to use and still getting used to this. This old PC is mainly to use for to play old games. The motherboard is intel desktop. The graphic card that came with this old PC is Nvidia GF8400GS 512M DDR2 DVI HDMI. I think this card is dead cos the PC wont booted til I remove this card then the pc will boot. Unfortunately I cant play old games on it . I'm thinking of buying a cheap replacement graphic card for this PC . Do you think this card will work on my old PC motherboard? I don't wanna waste my $29 if it doesn't. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193_1390&products_id=20240 I still have a high end gaming PC here mainly to surf the net and so on.
  19. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    hmm im not an expert in that area lol but thanks
  20. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    Well lookie here lol Turns out the graphic card is fine, just the vga port is stuffed. So lucky my monitor has dvi-d port and I hooked that up instead. Voila it works!! then I couldnt play my games on it ... I scratched my head thinking for a while and decided to download the graphic card driver .... So I managed to find one online. Now everything works as a beaut. cheers everyone. Ok here's some piccies for you to perv on lol ... jk I had to redo the CPU fan that i used from i7 2600k fan and broke these lil tabs on it .and managed to fit it on to 775 cpu heatsink. The heat reading is so much better ..it used to be 50 degree (room temp is 25degree) so i swapped the fan around and it sits 35 degree idle nicely. Mini bookshelf i found from OP shop $5 and painted it black and added white shelves. cheap and freebies PC games here See the Halo working Sanitarium , finally I get to play this now Last pic of my setup along with my gaming rig on the right and you can see the PSU on the floor. thanks everyone
  21. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    You can download it here http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=25129
  22. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    Hey Stoner .. Thanks heaps .. yeah im based at ballina area northern NSW. At the border of QLD and NSW
  23. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    yep tried that too. the mini fan on the card spins thou... just wondered why the pc booted as in blank screen on either motherboard or the card til i removed the graphic card ... then i can see the screen while its booting .....
  24. Gamer76

    Old pc mod

    Here's the motherboard specs If anyone have a graphic card to give away for free or cheap in Australia . i;d take it off you.