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  1. Jo33304

    Parts list

    Thank you very much for your time and effort with this build it is highly appreciated as I am learning with countless hours of research.Sales tax is around $100.00 for the state at this price range.
  2. Jo33304

    Parts list

    Apologize about the grouping did not proof have 3 120 mm front fans! 2 120 mm rear fans 1 200 mm top fan and have been reading reviews of the CPU overheating.Was looking into cooling for CPU.
  3. Jo33304

    Parts list

    Hello! Looking for input on list components for 1st time build. intel BOXDZ77GA70K I7 3770K ivy bridge GTX 550TI Capstone 750watt gold OCZ Solid 3 SLD3-25SAT3- 60 gig using for os win 7 and whatever else I can fit on there Gskills ripjawS x series 16 gig Samsung ecogreen F4 HD204UI 2 tb hdd LG 22X GH22NS90B multi DVD burner TL-WDN4800 wireles All parts will be from new egg budget is 1,600 on parts which is where I am at right now with shipping n tax. As far as gaming goes it is for my daughter more than myself,so we will see where her grades are in correspondence with a beefed up VGA . Have a few D-T's so can always switch cards around. The 60gig ssd will be used externally in a tray for easy removal. I would like to thank ev1 for there inputs as all are appreciated.
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