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  1. 1. You'll get my copy of Cubase when you pry it out of my cold, dead, non-music-making hands. 2: Tested 120 before errors last time I went up on the temp auction block. 3: Computers: Apple //gs, Christmas 1986. Internet: '94ish? 4: Not getting a retarded KT133A board when I KNEW about the Creative issues. 5: I'm a second tier tech support supervisor for a regional ISP. 6: overclockers.com is a great site to keep abreast of CPU and chipset developments, as well as watercooling. 7: Up in the hills of Southwest Missou-err, Northwest Arkansas. Fayetteville, if Yahoo! Nukes needs a city in the destination. 8: 24. And a half.
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    Hi there! Name's Matt, I live in Fayetteville, AR, and was referred here by caxis0, a very good friend of mine who won't stop plugging you guys. I'm an AMD fanboi, but have recently ordered a Northwood 2.8 setup and intend to explore some watercooling and silent PC endeavors. Anyways, the boards look great, i look forward to hanging out here! Just wanted to <wave> -290
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