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  1. Yea, I read your review, knocked off all the cons because I don't plan on moving it a lot, don't really mind using screws, and got it at a great price. Definitely my favourite in terms of looks, I might be using the money I save to upgrade the fans to provide better air flow.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys, I learned a lot. In the end I made up my mind because another case that suits my needs went on sale today, for $90 dollars it was a nice break for my wallet. It is the smallest of the options I listed, but from what I've seen it will fit everything I want, got some nice additional features and I really like the black/blue LED look.
  3. I've actually thought hard about the 500R, the price is good at $119.99, sitting between the Dragon Rider and the Phantom. The main reason I didn't put it on here is because it's a mid tower, and that colour...... Now that you mentioned it I'm again undecided, I've read BluePanda's review, and cooling wise it looks to be on par. I guess I could pay $10 extra for the black, but how spacious is the 500R really? With a 4x Sli/Xfire x79 board would I be strapped for space in a mid tower if I decide to fill it(which I probably won't)?
  4. The Corsair series are on the expensive side, I'm not going to consider anything over $150 before tax unless they are leagues ahead of what I'm looking at right now.
  5. I'm looking to upgrade from an Antec 900, I've made some modifications to this case to fit a H100, but not quite happy with how it turns out(I'm not really good with tools so it looks terrible), CPU temps were reaching 60 degrees at 4.6GHz, GPU 580 pushing 70 degrees at 900/1800/2300. I'm looking for something cost effective to upgrade to that will ensure adequate air flow for my GPU and compatible with a H100 w/c. I have a tight budget so the Storm Trooper is as high as I am willing to go, the prices are a little high because I'm in Canada and things cost more for no reason at all. Any advice is greatly appreciated.