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  1. I ran a chkdsk /f as well as use the error to check it but nothing showed up. I'm not very experienced with VM's so I wouldn't know what this means. I tried installing it on a non-raided drive but that didnt work either.
  2. Hey everyone! Just curious if anyone is having issues like I do. I'm running Vmware workstation 10 and it will randomly hang and then when I try to task manager it, it doesn't respond and takes a while to close. I also tried cloning it, where it would just throw me the error specified hard disk requires repair. I've run the VMware repair command but that had no effect on it. Does anyone have any experience with this? The program usually hangs when im using a program like IE or something simple. Sometimes, it hangs right when I start something on it. Specs for the machine is 24GB, Xeon 1220v3, and it's on a raid 0 with two disks separated on it as well. I made sure the machine has adequate cores and memory as well. Any ideas?
  3. or in FarCry 4's case: 1 MILLION GLITCHES Is it really that bad? A couple of my friends have it for PC and I've tried it. I don't see where all the glitches are
  4. FS is a game code i got from a GTX 970. You can either pick AC:Unity, Drive, or Far Cry 4. I'm open to paypal or a steam trade either way. I haven't used it, but just in case it doesn't work, contact me so I can refund you. But I guarantee it works Feel free to contact me. Thanks for your time! Edit: Woops! Forgot the price . You can grab it for 25 bucks if it sounds good to you.
  5. I say go for the 980 like spike says. Your Cooler will not bottleneck anything unless youre cooler is a piece of toasted bread.
  6. I've never tried Borderlands at all, I'm willing to give my go at it so why not
  7. 1) Are those waterblocks full blocks that cover the whole PCB or just the GPU chip? If it's the whole board, you should be fine, otherwise I would get the heatsinks just in case. Doesn't hurt to be safe. AMD r9 series are built to be hot but I wouldn't feel safe running it that hot 24/7 because it would degrade the card alot. 2) Decent air flow would help here along with, generally speaking(assuming you wont keep it in a corner to build up heat) you wouldnt need to worry about it too much unless you plan on mining 24/7. 4) SLI/Crossfire run 8x 8x most of the time. You run 16x when you have one card in for most motherboards. They go 8x 8x(split the bandwidth) when you double it. In terms of saturation, the pci-e 2.0 is far more than enough for the card. 5) Yes, the power supply is enough for two way. R9 CF would require a 1kW so I say no. Make sure it's platinum or some decent rating atleast. I believe I read somewhere that R9 290 x3 requires a 1300w. I would not recommend using three cards, instead, buy the best/highest card and stay single. Keeps the headaches away. It's just my opinion though, some people say CF/SLI, some don't. I believe it's at your discretion to use either or. 6) Your CPU would probably be the last thing bottle necking your system. You don't need to be worrying about intel's premium never the less. If you could, maybe you can try the 4690k as I believe the 990fx line is dead at the moment(correct me if im wrong) 7) Yep.
  8. I have a cold backup for my computer, just not my poor old laptop. Its in such poor shape for a laptop, I cant justify the space. I didn't have anything of much importance anyways
  9. I lost everything on it unfortunately.... on the bright side it hasn't spread so that's always a plus!
  10. Did you wipe the bios or MBR? I did everything, I went and flashed a new bios, nuked it, put in a new set of windows, wiped the MBR, installed windows, and nuked it again to make sure, I'm hoping that got rid of it......
  11. That might've worked, fingers crossed! No signs of it yet, it's barely been 24 hours so I wouldn't know yet.
  12. So this virus seems to be spreading, it stayed on the HDD even after I did a reimage and a full nuke. Its the *****************Computer has suffered non-coverable system error Call supportline 713-634-2494 blah blah blah etc etc************************************Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Maybe a Full nuke might do the trick? I tried reinstalling the OS to no avail Any ideas?
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