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    Laptop: Dell XPS 15 | GT540m | i7 2620QM | 6GB Ram | 750GB 7200rpm HDD|
    Desktop: i3 | AsRock Z77 Pro3 | CM Storm Enforcer | Silverstone Strider Plus 750watt | Random HDD's from scavanged PC's set as dump storage |
    To get: 8gb Mushkin Blackline/Redline Ram | GT560Ti | i5 2500k or equivalent ivory bridge | XSPC Rasa 750 WC Kit
  1. Alright so here is the issue Since today my PC suddenly started acting a bit... funny First off it wouldn't start up, all I'd get are four short beeps, it would suddenly shut down and start up again and the process would repeat Then after thoroughly checking all cables I tried again, didn't work Checked RAM, it seemed to work when I pressed them down (though no click so they weren't unseated) Booted up, then BSOD IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL or something like that Shut down, booted again and went into startup repair, said it couldn't repair Started it up again, it is working, I think- I haven't switched it back on. Just wondering if there is a solution. Not sure if the errors will pop up again System specs CPU- i3 sandy bridge (forgot full name) 8gb DDR3 Mushkin redline (again, forgotten frequency but it isn't overly high) Corsair GT SSD 60gb (the red one) 160gb seagate HDD Asrock Z77 Pro3 mobo (haha this was the edit) ATI Radeon 7970 (sapphire dual x) Silverstone silverstrider 750 watt PSU Sorry for the non-specific specs, I'll try and dig em out later Thanks in advance!
  2. Really the title describes it, guru-3D recommends at least a 750w (which I have). Going down the radeon route as I bought a Motherboard without SLI support. A few things- I am going to run multi-monitor, I currently have 3 fairly low end screens but with a little saving hope to get 3 of the Benq XL2420T, rest of PC is coming up to scratch, don't trust my sig. My current PSU: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=15350 System will have to deal with i5 3570k (overclocking purposes, if I fry its cheap to buy) 8gb Mushkin redline Asrock Z77 Mobo Cooling isn't really an issue as I'll integrate into a W/C loop Won't overclock graphics card though the CPU would get a boost So really, is a 750watt enough for my system (in 7970 crossfire) if not, what would two 7950's draw. And what performance difference I know its probably a no-go but any input would be nice
  3. So today I went out into the garage to retrieve a monitor adapter for a friend. As I went in I grabbed the adapters turned around and there, idly sitting were two flatpanel monitors with all cables ! They were from a couple of ex-goverment pc's that we had bought for $10 each, I'd thought that we got rid of them. I brought them in, rearranged my desk and was blown away. From 1-3 screens it was amazing . Going to have them set-up in eyefinity when my 7970 arrives (oh yea, got a job so high-grade computer parts here I come )! Anybody else remember their first multi-monitor experience?
  4. Or you know, put it up buy it now $1 with $5000 postage... Then there is option b where you give me a dollar and I'll take it off your hands
  5. So the 6950 is a decent card... but not for GPU rendering unfortunatly anyway to prevent rambling I'll post the story in a very short format Brother can't as fast as he needs to even with GPU rendering He needs a new card as his work centres around animation and graphic design Looking at either 7970, 670, 680 or one of the cards in the Firepro, Quattaro series Is it worth the upgrade from a 6950 to a 7970 is basically what I'm asking, while I listed the other cards I just need a baseline thing
  6. Hey, so I'm looking at different Rads (I know I'm going with at least a 240mm) and I was wondering Thicker or longer, which cools more (I know about the fans and which to pick). I can either get a 360mm rad or a 240mm thick rad. Does anybody know which has higher cooling potential. I'd imagine that while the 240 has more surface area the 360 has more airflow per surface area. I really don't know.
  7. Those are membrane switches from the sounds of your description Its like a tiny dome that when collapsed makes an electrical current for the controller to pick up They are everywhere and used in keyboards quite extensively. The only problem is that they all have a different 'Feel' to them, most are built into a circuitboard aswell so unless you find an entire rumblepad circuitboard then you are just better off buying a few in bulk on ebay
  8. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=192680&pid=2036464&st=0entry2036464 Alright, didn't see this spot and I'm not sure whether it's more relevant here. Anyway because I don't have the power to move threads I'll link and ask the people here. Sorry for the lack of observation. Post in either thread
  9. There are a few yes, just most are out of aus. Should've mentioned that. I found a nice one for 120 on amazon but I like to see other brands, you never know what you might find. Anyway yea, I swear this thing munched on my credit. I have to switch off 3G otherwise $30 goes down the drain in a week. Correct to a degree with iTunes I hate not being able to rip music off my device when I bought my new pc. Sure there are hoops but dear god I dont want to have to do this everytime I buy a new pc/mp3
  10. Decibels are NOT culmative. 8 identical fans sounds the same as three (neglecting the noise if the air itself which is lower with wc). If decibels were culmative we'd be deaf due to the 400 decibel minimum that we would encounter (think if everything that makes noise and add them together). Just in case that freaking argument gets brought up again. Anyway water-cooling is SEXY and it's fun, I like getting my trusty screwdriver and wristband out to tinker. It's a part of the hobby and if it gives me more to fiddle with inside the pc then I'm happy
  11. Yea I have a smartphone, iPhone that I got for free from my brother. It's only 8gb though (I text and make calls on it, that's about it). As I rule I don't use my phone as my music device, wastes a lot of space and battery. Thanks for te suggestion though I was looking at the classic, just checking out other options aswell. Thanks as well!
  12. Alright so, my iPod nano 8gb is starting to die. Its not old (~3 years), but its been through hell and back. The buttons are starting to go on it, and working on it would be a lot of pain for very little gain. So what I'm asking is- does anybody know of any decent MP3 players with capacities of at least 30gb Now, I'm open to old style devices. I've been looking for a Creative Zen Vision:M but they just don't exist anymore . If it can be found in stores (or on ebay) then its good to go. Physical buttons only though. If its fully touchscreen then it ain't gonna fly . I just need recommendations right now, any budget goes. Just remember that if it relies on a touchscreen as its main method of interaction AND is taller than an iPod touch then I can't do it (thickness is no problem really, I've just got small hands ) Also, I can't buy off the forum. I trust you, father does not Links would be appreciated, any brand goes.
  13. Thank god you are trying to keep the general shape of the mustang Some of the people around here drop 5k to get a cheap bodykit, put some black paint and a $20 sticker on it and call it done Any plans to take it touring?
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