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  1. mikey390

    Harddrive Shown As Removable

    Control Panel > Taskbar and Start Menu > check Hide inactive icons > Customize > then change its Behavior.
  2. mikey390

    Third Generation Raptor Found In The Wild.

    Translated version from google "Description: The new Western digitally RWS gate brings more place, more achievement and most modern SATA2 feature such as NCQ. to it the used reliability on SCSI level as well as simplified connection types. The RWS gate particularly for servers as well as NAS/SAN applications was developed and is optimally for the employment in high speedable workstations and/or in the Gaming range suitable, where compromiseless achievement and Zuvlaessigkeit are in demand. The new RWS gate is thereby the momentarily fastest SATA non removable disk."
  3. mikey390

    When Do I Get My Alien?

    You have to pm LP.
  4. Monarch computer.com, it says there in stock.
  5. mikey390

    Amd64 3800+ Oc'ing Trouble!

    lower your HT freq. to 4x and make sure your agp is locked.
  6. mikey390

    One Long Beep Followed By Two Short Ones

    1 long, 2 short = Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.
  7. mikey390

    Psu On/off

    Power Supply Unit (PSU) FAQ Post #6
  8. mikey390


    Just look at your processor.
  9. mikey390

    What Are We?

  10. mikey390

    You Partents

    If you're and old geezer, what am I?(OK I'm only like 2 months older) Anyways, since my parents bought my sisters first car for $1300. They felt they had to be fair, so they gave me $1300 to buy my first vehicle and I had to pay the rest. At age 15, after mowing yards for 2 years, I bought a red '74 Ford F250 w/ a big block 390 and a 4 barrel carb. Got a good deal on it, and only had 54,000 miles on it. I still have it, but it spends the summers at the cabin to haul the boat around. Thats the most they ever spent on me. And I payed my own way through college(one year vo-tec). I always liked when I asked my mom for money and she would say, " you make more than I do". And today at 25 I bring home more than either of my parents.
  11. mikey390

    Overclocking Ocz El Plat Rev 2

    1. You are now running DDR 480. 2. Its up to you. If you are going to OC it more I'd leave the timings alone. 3. When you set it to 400 in the bios, it setting it to 1:1. Since you have the HTT at 240 now, you ram is also running 240mhz or DDR 480.
  12. mikey390

    Overclocking Ocz El Plat Rev 2

    If it was me I'd change multiplier to 10, HTT to 240, ram timings to 2.5-3-3-7[2.5 CAS latency, 3 RAS to CAS Delay, 3 RAS Precharge, 7 Cycle time(Tras)], and the mem freq to 400. That would keep your processor at 2400mhz and would still have room to take your ram futher as you OC more. Also in you second post you said you had it locked at 200. And looking at cpu-z, your HTT is at 267mhz and your ram freq is at 133, which is 2:1. So if you set it to 400 you should be 1:1.
  13. mikey390

    Overclocking Ocz El Plat Rev 2

    The reason it will not boot up when you changed it to 400 is because your timings are to tight to run at 267mhz. the options i saw in the bios were in DDR not mhz. So when you set it to DDR200 you are running a 2:1 raito and not 1:1.
  14. mikey390

    Overclocking Ocz El Plat Rev 2

    I looked at the manual, it looks like you locked it at DDR200 and not 200mhz. So set it to DDR400 and that should take care of your problem.