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  1. I need somone who is really good at flash, you dont have to be certified, but you have to be good!! I need a person to help me build a website for an up and coming rap star, he is going big time in the US and he need someone to build him a flash site. You will get paid! but only after we decide it is you we want.. anyways if you are interested msg me or email me at [email protected] i need people quick!!!!
  2. I need someone who is a pro at flash. You dont have to be certified or anything, but you have to be good... I am making the html site for a new and upcoming rap artist and he wants me to make him a flash site too. So this is where you guys come in. I need someone who can make a really cool flash site. Ill give you ideas but the main work and layout will be up to you. Of course you will get credit and will be paid, maybe even a lot Warning: just because you come up with something doesnt mean you will get paid. I may like it but he may not. So what you are going to be doing until he says "yes, i like it" is trying to sell your skills to me. Anyways i really need someone to help me do this and this could be your chance of a lifetime. Reply to this message or just email me at [email protected] Peace
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