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  1. Guys it's been a while since i made my rig, i got a PALIT gtx 560ti 2gb, i would love to add some tubes on it, i thought it was imposible, because i havent seen any gpu waterblock for it.. but now i've found some universal gpus.. they say in their specifications Swiftech MCW82 Extreme Performance "Universal" GPU water-block Compatibility with stock mounting ATI Single GPU RadeonTM 1800, 1900, 3800, 4800, 5800, 6800, and 6900 series nVidia
  2. big picture in that link you can see, light blue is SATA3 1G-4G white is sata 6G1-2 navy blue is sata 6g but is like only for data. (Anyways i tried them all.. and ran bench with each of them) the white-black cable is teh 6gb/s one and is the cable that i plugged the ssd i dont know what u mean with RST driver or stand microsoft ahci driver. Ahci is set on BIOS.. Thanks for replying back im kinda frustrated..
  3. Guys yes its in AHCI Mode. Hibernation OFF writing cache off. Mobo: P8Z77V-PRO Core: Intel i7-2700k Oced to 4.6Ghz RAM: 8GB Corsair vengenace 1600mhz is not even the adverstismen, the videos i have seen of it.. they are much faster than mine ..that without telling amazon's review im using my ssd just to boot windows..
  4. Guys one of you told me to download crystal disk benchmark, so i did and all i did was hitting ALL and i got some speeds, but i think those are not the correct speeds of my ssd Corsair Force GT 60 GB SATA III/6G 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive - CSSD-F60GBGT-BK Sequential read speeds of up to 555 MB/s Sequential write speeds of up to 495 MB/s and i have Read Mb/s Write Mb/s 337.1 82.70 [url=]http://postimage.org/] [url=image]http://postimage.org/]image upload What is wrong? what is the meaning of 5 and 1000MB sorry 1st time i do this.. Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot! it worked, kinda annoying like having Users in the C:/ and all that because i normally use My Music My Pictures and all fthos efolders, i have to make them in teh D:/ now, at least default installation programs are heading to the d:/ one thanks to you good info!
  6. Guys i just got my SSD, do you know a software that could tell me if my ssd is doing as fast as possible? ive seen in other threats that ppl say no to defragment the ssd, but where do i take that off, where are the settings of my ssd?? 3rd question ! My ssd is 60gb Super GT Corsair Sata 3 6Gb/s, i just got it for Windows, So is there a way to make windows install Everything into my 2do Hard drive wich is 1 Tb?? i mean is like having SSD to boot only and make my main Storage the HDD one.????
  7. Didnt know that.. NOW Guys i heard that to work 100% and SSD must have TRIM and AHCI, ACHI is enabled in BIOS but i have no idea where is TRIM..?? anotehr question do you know a program to test if my ssd is working properly? Trim will enable itself define working properly? that is as fast as posible.
  8. Didnt know that.. NOW Guys i heard that to work 100% and SSD must have TRIM and AHCI, ACHI is enabled in BIOS but i have no idea where is TRIM..?? anotehr question do you know a program to test if my ssd is working properly?
  9. MAN I LOVE YOU XD! haha no homo! i try to reinstall windows, so i had this UNLOCATED DATA something like that on the HDD i couldnt format but i clicked on NEW and made a partition of the same amout of Gbs so it changed name to Partition 2 i pressed back, back and back til canceling windows installation and now i have it on My Computer with 931gb free of 931gb
  10. i like your idea, ill try that, HDD is not dmg, i doubt that, minutes ago that was my main Hard drive. when i installed windows 7 i saw both and formatted the 1 tb, ill try to reformat it again.. took sata cable and power cable and nope.. its in device manager, i can see my HDD on BIOS, but i cannjot see it on my computer or disk management, so i cant make use of it... Did you remove the old driver(s) for it and then scan for hardware changes?? how do i remove old drivers? i mean i reinstalled iwndows all over again, the only change was that i installed windows on the SSD not on the tera.
  11. took sata cable and power cable and nope.. its in device manager, i can see my HDD on BIOS, but i cannjot see it on my computer or disk management, so i cant make use of it...
  12. Guys i had this WDC 1 TB hard drive, and now my new SSD Corsair Super GT SATA 3 60gb arrive, So.. i reinstalled windows, formatted the HDD, i coudlnt format SSD cuz i think it was already clean, installed windows into SSD, and now on my computer there's no HDD only my SSD :/ on my BIOS it does recognize the HDD, i can even see it on Device Manager. i read some threats about going into disk management and enable it, but on disk management all i see is my SSD that's it.. do you know what is the problem??
  13. The problem of the green thing it's the Hyperformance of the program LucidLogic Virtu MVP. when it's off green dissappear. btw i kind of agree with testing card with video games cuz, on tests i get 130-160 fps but when i'm in game, i'm like 140+fps but i get fps drops to like 20 fps :S, really annoying. i think 3dmark test and stuff are for Ocing the card, got a question to oc the card it's same as the cpu? raise clock til a Bosd? or what? and then raise card voltage?
  14. i Underclocked my video card and i still see the green thing.. i changed the settings to low-medium-high ... etc etc and i still see it
  15. ya, as soon as i saw the issue, i underclocked my card to default. But haven't test it after that, because i've been working a lot on my university, but i got a question, did you overclock yours¿?? what steps should i take to do it? without erros, is it the same as the cpu? raise the Frequency and run stress test on the card til it crash and then raise the voltage??
  16. Thanks a lot! hey man i also saw in the forums that you have the GTX 560ti ! can you give me hand in this threat http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=192480&st=0 Thanks Man.
  17. Have anyone OC this graphic card?, i raise some notches on the m afterburner. core clock: 900mhz shader clock:1800mhz mem clock: 2000mhz core voltage:1037mV I saw this on BF 3 is this a problem of the game or my gpu? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Is good to say that im using MVP Virtu with hyperformance and virtual vsync ON!.
  18. Good, i got OCCT installed but never use it, can you tell me a proper way to configure it, for stress testing, and also how do i know if its stable or unstable using OCCT Sorry and Thanks.
  19. Guys my graphic card is the nvidia gtz 560ti 2gb, and i would like to know what are the normal temps of it! so i can set the curve. Because without msi afterburner the fans are veery quiet but i get Temps of 70c playing bf3 is 70ºC is a normal Temp then ill leave it like that because i dont like hearing the fans if not ill have to set the curve to acclerate the fans when is at 70ºc so is 70ºc playing a game a normal temp or is too high?
  20. Not at all, i ran memtest for like 4 hours, using 6500mb out of 8gb and have as results 0 errors! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. Hey Guys, i've been having a really bad time OC'ing my System, and no one have a proper answer for my issues but anyways, i'm here because im when i do torture test, one os the Workers of prime95 stop running and this error appear "Cannot initialize FFT code, errcode=1005 Unable to allocate memory. One possible cause is the operating system's swap area is too small." so i'm here to ask if my Ram settings working properly Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Since i'm actually in a motherboard Topic, if anyone here have OC with a p8z77-v pro i would like to have some help.. Sorry my English, Hope an answer! ^-^
  22. Check this out. 120611140320.BMP 120611140331.BMP
  23. Thanks a lot ill keep researching of course.
  24. OCing to 4.8 wont damage my cpu? isn't that too much? i mean i just use my PC for games a lot and MP lab on my university i haven't enjoyed my PC because i want to set it perfect for everything before i start playing if 4.8 its all good and wont damage my cpu in time ill do it.. So ill just put mult in x48 and cpu voltage in 1.35 and then run the tests Anything i need to know about those programs any optimal configuration?
  25. For example look my CPU-Z pic should be at 4.3ghz
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