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  1. I don't really even know how to set TJmax, isn't it the max cpu temp before it shuts down? I did some more testing this time with core temp and real temp, I'll attach a screenshot, I also double checked the ambient, it's 14-15 degrees There's also two more problems I'm having and it would be awesome if someone could give me their opinions on it. The first is my vcore, I bumped it down in the bios and according to the bios it is at 1.185, but CPUID Hardware monitor shows it at 1.28. I'm guessing that it changes during operation and heavy use, but it's quite a large jump, is the bios wrong? the software? or is the truth somewhere inbetween! The second problem (and I'm attaching a drawing to help illustrate it) is that since getting the zalman z11 is that the power supply is now at the bottom of the case and not the top, the power supply draws air from outside the case and expels it inside the case via the fan. The problem is that since switching, the power supply now needs to be facing upwards and the fan doesn't like that very much and now makes a really irritating clicking sound. It's a CoolerMaster Gx650w, I'm wondering if it's alright to turn the fan around and make it blow air through it to the outside of the case, instead of pulling air through the back and out into the case. Check the second picture if you're unsure what I'm getting at. Also forgive my poor paint skills
  2. Alright, thanks Ambient is usually around 20 degrees give or take a few, I was a bit worried that the low temperatures could be due to some problem with the chip under performing and not doing what it should be doing, resulting in temps that are too low.
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first post and I was wondering, I recently got myself a i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz, running it in a zalman z11 case with a zalman cnps 11x extreme cpu cooler. I use core temp to measure the temps and on idle they seem extremely low, even on full load they are quite low, I'm attaching a screenshot of the temps, also my gpu which is a gtx 460 idles at very low temps, kinda scary.
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