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  1. That guy does funny/weird reviews I like long reviews because they usually give more information about the product, so if I find the time to watch them, why not? The 570 game pack seems OK and this guy gives it his "seal of approval", but the cooler looks so cheap... It seems to run at higher temps than other 560ti-570s I've seen, and the fan is 4200rpm, which will sound like a turbine I guess. They say the fan makes 18db noise at 1000rpm, but I can't find anything about it when running at higher rpms. I also watched this one: And after that I watched a couple of maxed settings gameplays with the 560 ti 448 (stock and OC'd) and I think it's good enough in terms of performance (I've been playing games on low settings with an nvidia 310m on my laptop for the last year, so this will be a huge jump after all). So I finally will be getting the MSI gtx 560ti 448 and I will try to OC it to get a better performance. The reasons are: - MSI seems more reliable than INNO3D to me, and runs cooler due to Twinfrozr III, so if I OC both, I think I will be able to get a very similar performance if I'm lucky. - The MSI gtx 560ti 448 + BF3 costs 257€ and the INNO3D gtx 570 + BF3 would cost 270€, so I save a bit of money. Well, that money is not "saved" though, because I'm getting a cheap A4TECH or SHARKOON mouse (~20€). I know these mice aren't as good as Logitech or Razer, but I can't afford a G500 or anything similar after buying this rig
  2. Thats nice, do you play 1920x1080? And, high or ultra settings? Thanks! Edit: I found an INNO3D GTX 570 Game Pack for 223€, so I think this is my new best choice, isn't it? Although it only has 1 fan, while the MSI 560ti 448 and the Sapphire HD 7850 have 2 fans, is there a lot of difference?
  3. Then, the 7850 seems to be my best choice. But I read it has some compatibility issues because it was released recently and the drivers are not very stable yet, it makes me doubt about getting it or not. Also, nvidia has the physx feature, which AMD doesn't.... And the crossfire possibility with 2GB VRAM seems more future-proof on paper because it leads to more FPS, but I'm not planning to do it because of micro-shuttering and compatibility issues, so I will go single card. I read BF3 needs more than 1GB VRAM on ultra settings, so I'm a bit worried about 1.25GB being too little for the games that will be released during the next year.
  4. Well, I would be able to get a Sapphire HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 (209€), but I'm reading some reviews and it seems to have a lot of compatibility issues, so I don't know if it does woth getting it over the MSI Geforce GTX 560TI 448c 1.25GB GDDR5 + BF3 (256€) The price is the same, because the 47€ difference is what BF3 costs. According to some benchmarks, the 7850 is close to the gtx570, and so is the gtx560ti 448, so I guess the improvement is 2GB vs 1.25GB GDDR5, but all that issues that people has with the 7850 make me doubt because that 2GB seems to be more future-proof than 1.25GB, which might be too little for the latest games on ultra settings, I don't know. And, another question... is it easy to OC the GPU? I read that either of these 2, when OC'd, outperforms the gtx570. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you all for your help, I'm purchasing it in 1-2 weeks.
  6. I will do some research about SSDs then, if they have that lifespan I will reconsider getting one and sacrifice the 1TB HDD. I have an 160GB HDD right now in my old pc, which I'm not using, so I could use it along with a 120GB SSD till I get the money to buy a better HDD, but this would be a very poor solution, I'm not sure if that storage would be enough. Realocating my rig is nearly impossible, I have limited room here. The Antec 300 case seems to have a good airflow. I'm thinking about adding 2 front 120mm intake fans (http://www.coolmod.com/product/3875/0/0/1/Ventilador-12-cm-Scythe-S-FLEX-201-dba-1200-rpm.htm) So I would have 1 rear exhaust fan, 1 top exhaust fan (this one would have only 2cm room above it but I suppose it's better than nothing), and finally 2 front intake fans, along with the CM Hyper 212 evo for CPU cooling. I think it should be just fine. In summer we have at most 35-40ºC ambient temperature, though. I hope the CM Hyper 212 evo does his job to keep the OCd i5 2500k safe at 4.2-4.5GHz. Otherwise i would have to spend more money or aim for less OC. Nice tip about the ram, thanks.
  7. I was thinking about getting an SSD but I read that they have a very short life time (less than a year) and I'm not sure if it does worth, considering my budget. I've been looking at the CM HAF 912 and it looks awesome for cooling and cable management, but the problem is that it is 48cm height and doesn´t fit in the space I have because there is a shelf at 45cm height, so the cage should be shorter. The Antec 300 seems better than the Thermaltake V4, with the possibility of putting 2 front fans, and I've seen some good reviews about it, for the price (50€). - The ASRock Z68 extreme3 gen3 is fine for me, maybe the Z77 is more future proof, but I think that by the time I have compatibility issues because of the mobo, I will be getting almost a whole new rig. - 1.35V vs 1.5V RAM... is there any benefit apart from less power consumption? I chose the ripjaws because I saw that 1.5V RAM has no trouble running in quad-channel, and I might be upgrading to 16GB RAM in a couple of years if I need it. - Finally, the case... it's even taller than the HAF 912, so it doesn't fit in my desk, 45cm tall is all the available height I have, so I'm looking for a 42-43cm tall case at most. It has almost the same price/performance than the 560Ti 448 + BF3, so I'm getting this last one. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Thanks Rofltroll. I think I'll stick to the 560Ti 448 + BF3, and I may be getting that SSD, or just save the money @ericgcollyer: No video editing at all. The most intensive tasks I'm planning to do are gaming, using virtual machines and programming. I chose the Thermaltake v4 because it is cheap (~$50), does it worth spending more money on the case? The CoolerMaster HAF 912 costs $26 more, it's not too much though.
  9. First of all, thank you for the replies! They've been very helpful to clarify myself about PSU and the amount of VRAM. My budget is ~$1200 max (~900€). With the components I posted above, I would be spending ~$1150 I'm from Spain, so I'm buying from spanish sites (whose prices are in €, but I'm posting here their $ equivalent): http://www.pccomponentes.com http://www.coolmod.com *These sites are more expensive than http://www.newegg.com/ but they're the cheapest I've been able to find here in Spain, and I don't like the idea of ordering the components out of Spain, because, in case of refund it seems more complicated. Right now, the only 2 components I doubt about are the GPU and the mobo. Motherboard options: - ASRock Z68 extreme3 gen3 / ASUS P8P67 3.1 (~$160) - ASUS P8P67 B3 (~$170) - ASRock P67 extreme4 gen3 / ASUS P8P67 PRO B3 (~$185) - ASUS P8Z68-V (~$190) * I chose the Z68 extreme3 gen3 over the P8P67 B3 because it seems to be a newer chipset at the same price, but I don't know if it does worth to pick the P8P67 instead, just because it's ASUS and it's suposed to be a more solid brand than ASRock. The other 2 options I'm considering are $50 more expensive but I'm not sure if it does worth. Again I have the same dilemma, ASUS vs ASRock. The ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Proffesional is out of my budget. GPU options: - MSI GeForce GTX560 TI 448c Twin Frozr III 1GB + Battlefield 3 (~$340) - Zotac GeForce GTX570 1280MB GDDR5 (~$340) - Asus GTX570 DCII / 2DIS / 1280MB GDDR5 (~$400) *I chose the MSI 560 Ti 448 because it has pretty good reviews (MSI twinfrozer III mantains the gpu pretty cool and it's not very noisy, the 560 Ti 448 it's almost a 570, and so on) and, because Battlefield 3 is included in the pack, while the Zotac 570 comes without Battlefield 3, and, if both GPUs perform almost the same... I'll pick the one that includes the game for sure. So, this is the situation: I've got ~$600 to spend in mobo+GPU, what's the best combo out of the components listed above? Thanks! Edit: Just added some mobos to the list.
  10. Hello. I'm thinking about building a new pc, and after spending some days on research, this is how the build I have in mind looks like: CPU: i5 2500k Motherboard: ASRock Z68 extreme3 gen3 Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4Gb) 1600MHz, 9-9-9-24 1.5V HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB SATA3 PSU: Corsair TX650 V2 650w Case: Thermaltake v4 Black Edition GPU: MSI GeForce gtx 560 Ti - 448c Twin frozr III PE/OC 1GB DDR5 Additional info: - I want to overclock the CPU up to 4.2 - 4.5GHz. - I will be playing games at 1920x1080 Questions: 1) Is that mobo good enough for what I'm planning to do? Or should I spend more money and get an ASUS, or a better ASRock one? 2) Will that PSU handle the OC'd CPU and GPU (I'm not planning to OC the GPU at the moment, but just in case) 3) The gtx 560 ti 448 seems to have really good reviews and performance, but only 1250mb VRAM, is it enough to run the latest games (battlefield 3, skyrim...) at the higher settings or should I aim for something with more VRAM? 4) Any other possible improvement? Thanks!
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