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  1. Thermal grease application is good, i actually reapplied it four times and on the fourth time i stripped it down with 99% alochol and a toothbrush and got all the gunk off and did a perfect application according to arctic silver's instructions. My case fans are as follows: Two front intakes are CoolerMaster 80mm fans One rear exhaust is CoolerMaster 80mm fan On blowhole exhuast is Vantec Stealth 80mm fan The system temp is 21C if i remember correctly. The cpu temp now ranges between 34C idle and 47C full load. I'm thinking of getting some sleeving and putting it over the mainboard wire that runs right beside the Zalman HSF, i think maybe that is trapping some of the hot air right next to the processor and keeping the rear exhaust from pulling it out.
  2. I have a Zalman CNPS7000A Cu, it's a nice cooler but mainly designed for low noise rather than dealing with overclocking. I can stay under 51C when i am running at 3200+, but again, i have a problem keeping it stable at 2.2ghz, so i am asking about the DRAM ratio voltage increase. I want to up my ratio so that the ram is running at 425 whereas the processor stays at 380. Does anyone know what i am talking about? Everyone keeps asking me about the processor... the RAM i say, THE RAM! Is it safe to increase the voltage?! LOL, thanks for the questions all the same.
  3. Well I haven't really changed anything besides turning off the radiator in my room while I'm at work and only turning it on halfway when i get home at night. That's dropped my temps to where it idles at 37C and at load it's 47C with the case on. (Full load is prime95 running all day long right?). So i don't know why the temps have such a wide gap between them but it's all good.
  4. SPDIF line... digital, kinda like fiber optics. The LEDS red right?
  5. I ran prime 95 all night long, so for about 9 hours, and it held up. I'm at work right now and it's still running, so if it is up when i get home I think it's safe to declare it stable. I can get my computer to boot with a 400mhz FSB but prime95 doesn't like it, lol. The reason I want to run in line with a 3200+ is because I like nice round numbers... and 380 is holding back the potential of my ram. I'm cool with my processor sticking at 2.1ghz, though 2.2ghz would be nice. My main question is about the DRAM ratio... if i increase my voltage on the ram so that it can run on a 425mhz FSB while the processor stays on it's 380. Get it?
  6. I have a Barton 2500+ that I am currently running at 2.1ghz with a VCore of 1.75. The thing that annoys me is that it's only 100mhz from running in line with a 3200+ and the FSB is at 380mhz. I want to even the FSB out at 400mhz and get in line with the 3200+ but i seem to have problems keeping it stable even with a VCore increase to 1.80. Is there something i can do to help this thing hit the speeds I want? I have Corsair XMS 3200 memory, so I was thinking about leaving the cpu at 2.1 and just changing the DRAM ratio. But with that I can only get it at either 380 or 425. I can probably do fine at 425 with my xms but i'd have to increase the DRAM voltage. I have no experience with ram voltages though, if i remember correctly you can go from 2.6 to 2.9. Which doesnt seem like much of a voltage increase if you ask me. Is it safe to up the voltage and if so how high can I up it without cutting the life of my memory down too much. I know this is a confusing post, i had donuts for breakfast, so please forgive me. Thanks for all you who are willing to help.
  7. Heh, everytime i go to install one of the newer revisions i read that little "Why you would need new drivers" brief at the download page. It says "You only need to upgrade to the lastest revision if you're having problems with your current drivers." Which i don't know why, but it bugs me when i can't have the latest greatest, lol... i want my newest revisions dang it!
  8. well... great idea and all, i think it'd be really cool to show up at a lan party and click that thing on in front of your buds. the thing about it though, is... well aren't those remote locking kits expensive?
  9. Here's what i have, and i love it! Very sexy: ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler for AMD XP Socket 462/ 754 and Intel Socket 478
  10. Okay, i'm about to test it for all your ABIT NF7-S Rev 2.0 d20 BIOS owners who are running the 9600pro and RAID 0 SATA that won't load windows with the 4.2's BLAH! Didn't work... back to the 3.6
  11. Anyone else having a problem? Should be linking fine... If you're having a problem try pasting into your Address Line this: xenocide48.freeservers.com/pictures/wavemaster/ it works for me fine, but i haven't had any input either, so i don't know if it works or not.
  12. Please let me know if the bios reformat fixes the problem, that way i am reassured that i am not the only one.
  13. Yes exeter, that's exactly what i was asking. So basically the MP's are preferred due to the fact that they are always unlocked and much more stable... due to their being handpicked, at lower voltages and higher temps. Thank you for cutting the mustard and getting to the point.
  14. Just finished this rig last week, the specs are in my sig. Let me know what you think. Sorry about the site layout, i'm lazy as crap when it comes to webdesign. Also the lighting on the case is way more appealing in reality, hard to get it to come up right on my digicam without turning off the auto flash, which also turns off the autostabilizer and leaves me with a blurry shot. So I did the best I could with what I've got. ENJOY My WaveMaster
  15. Here's a link to my case's photo gallery, please feel free to critique my air flow setup: My WaveMaster Here's the direct link to the picture showing the wires dangling over the front fan intakes: Front Intake Wires Thanks for any input ahead of time.
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