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  1. It's the same without ulna adapters, room temperature is ideal and cool n' quiet enabled
  2. Are these temperatures normal for FX-8120. Idle 36 C and in Prime95 blend (8 cores) it gets to 61 C in about 10 minutes, thats when I stopped it. This is on stock speeds, case open, Noctua D-14 with the two fans on ulna adapters and Noctua high grade thermal paste. Motherboard is Asus M5A99X EVO with latest bios.Temperature readings are from CPU (NOT socket readings, those are about 16 C idle). I've read alot of conflicting reports about 8120 @ stock speeds, some say they have 23 C idle on air, makes me wonder if mine should be that low or are they reading core idle temps.
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